Chapter one.Edit

"I really like him" Gaby said. "Ohh.." I said awkwradly. "Can you help me?" she asked. "Uhmm" I said. "Oh please, Rachel! Pleaaaseee" she begged. "Why me?" I asked. "You are his bestfriend!!" she pouted. "Ok. Fine! I willl do it" I said. "YES!" she smiled, then hugged me tight. I hugged her back. Wait a second, what am I doing? I also have a crush on Jake! I'm just giving him away! But still, Gaby is my bestfriend. I love them both. And I want them to be happy. Fine, I will do it. Me and Gaby seperated she went to the left and I went to the right. I slowly walked home thinking of what am I going to do.

I ran inside the house and into my room. Dropped my bags. And lay on my bed. I picked up the phone immediately. I dialed his number fast. I memorize it. Sometimes I am tempted to call him. But everytime the phone rings I just get nervous and close the phone. "Hello?" a deep voice answered. " that youu?" I asked, feeling kind of nervous. "Yeah! Hi, Rachel, why did you call?" he said in a cheery voice. "Nothing just have some questions" I said shyly. "Okay, whats that?" he asked. "Well, you might feel awkward" I said. "Dude, its okay!! Pleeaaaseee" He begged. I smiled. He always makes me laugh.

"Fine. Is there a possibility you might have a crush on Gaby?" I asked. "Why ask?" I felt nervous. Should I say the reason? What now!? "BECAUSE SHE LIKES YOU!" I just blurted out. I gasped. I totally freaked out. Why did I say that? WHY?! "Really???" he asked. Oh god. What will I say now? "Is that truee?" he asked. "Yes" I said. I totally regret the next day. I hanged out with Gaby the whole time. I glanced sometimes at Jake, I notice that he is looking at Gaby. "Gaby, psst!" I whispered trying not to make obvious that I amm telling her something. "What?" she asked. "He is looking at you" I smiled. "OMG!!! OMG!!' she started shouting, her cheeks started to blush. She turned around and caught him looking at her.

"OMG! Rachel! You did it!" she smiled. "Did what!?" I asked. She did not reply. But ran to her friends. While I walked toward Jake. "Jake, are you falling for Gaby already?" I asked. "Huh? No! Why?" he said surprisingly. "Tell me the truth dude. It is obvious. Because you are looking at her." I said with my don't-lie-to-me face. "Yeah, I swear to God. No. I just can't get over about it" he said. "Okay then" I shrugged. A few hourse later it soon came dismissal. Me and Jake was together going to the school bus a usual. "Hey, uhm, call me up later!" he said. "Okay" I smiled. As soon as I reached my house, I ran to the phone. I did not drop my bags nor changed my clothes. I was too exited.

Chapter two.Edit

I dialed his number while bringing down my bags. "Hello?" his deep voice answered. "Hi Jake! So why did you tell me to call you?" I asked. "Ohh, well about Gaby. Do you know her phone number?" he asked. Then I noticed he was playing music. The song was called: "Can't Stand It" "Uhh, sureee. I will text you her num. wait" I said. "Oh suree" he said. "Uhm, hey, can I just text you. I will just call Gaby" I said. "Okay" he said. "Bye!!" I felt nervous. "Byee" he said. We both hang up. I dialed Gaby's number fast. "Oh, god. Pick up pleaseee" I muttered. Soon gaby answered. "GABY!!" I shouted. "Hi Rachel! Whats up??" She asked. "JAKE WANTS TO TEXT YOU!" I said feeling kind of jealous. "OMG!!" she shouted. As she shouted I send Gaby's number to Jake already.

"Does he know my number??" she asked anxiously. "Yeaah" I said. "Woaaaah" she said. Soon her phone started ringing. "OMG!! Jake texted!!" she shouted. "GO open it!!" I said. "Okay it wrote: Hi, Gaby! Jake here." she said. "REPLY!!!" I said. "Okay" she said. "Okay this is what I texted: Oh, Hi Jake! Then I put a smiley face" she said. "Ayyiiiiieeeeee" I said. Then my phone also ringed. The message was from Jake. I opened it. Not telling Gaby that I recieved a text from him. The text wrote: Rachel!! Dude! Help me!! What the eff will I say!? I laughed at his text. He reminds me of me.

I texted back: Dude, chill just be yourself:) As I sent it. Gaby phone rang. "RACHEL HE REPLIED!!" she shoued. "What did he say?" I asked. "Did you finish your requirements? That is what he said" she said. "Okay, what will you say?" I asked. "Nope I need too finish my project in P.A. class" she said, while texting. As she sent it. My phone rang. his message wrote: "Thanks!!:)" I replied with: "Welcome:)" But I'm still wishing he will reply back.

Then Gaby's phone rang. "HE REPLIED! He said: Ohh really? Me and Rachel will help ya there" she said. "WOW! Why did I just pop out of no where in your conversation?" I said. "I know right" she said. "So whats your reply?" I asked. "My reply is: "Wow you are sooo kind" she said as she sent it. Then her phone rang again. I did not wait anymore for Gaby to freak. I went ahead of her by shouting: "WHAT DID HE SAY!?" "No you're nicer." she squealed. Both of us were so surprised!! We knew Gaby has no Mercy but an awesome friend.

"What will you say?" I asked. "No, you're the nicer one" she said as she texted. She sent it. And both of us hoped for the best. The he replied faster than usual with: "Hehe. You're fun to text with!" "I will say: Of course" "Okay that can work" I said. She sent the text. His reply was: "Hahaha! You're Da Best forever!!:) Hehe. BTW Good Night Sweet Dreams:) I need to go to bed" Then I realized it was already 10:00 P.M. "OMG!! He totally has a crush on you, dude" I said. "Really? You think?" she said. "YAH!" I smiled. "Mission Accomplished then! Thanks alot Rachel! I won't forget what you did for me" "Yah That's what friends are for, right?" i said. We both laughed. "Well then good night Gaby" I said. "Awww, okay then. Good night" she said. Then we both hanged up.

Chapter three.Edit

I just realized soomething. No one knows that I have a secret crush on my bestfriend. Not even my bestfriend Carla or Neave. I guess it is time to tell at least one of them. So I pick Carla. I decided to call her and tell her tonight after school. Jake walked over to my chair. "Hey, Rachel, uhm, I think I'm falling for-" he said. Then went closer to me. "Gaby" he continued. I gasped. I looked at him. I felt kinda hurt. But not jealousy. I'm not the jealous type. I just gave up my first real crush. And it is all my fault. I just patrended to be 'late reaction' then I said:"Ayiiiiee"

"LR mucchhh?" he laughed. "Yaahhh" I said. "Hey, dude favor" he said, then sat beside me. "Yah?' I asked. "Can you please tell her that I love her back in some other way?" he asked. "Uh, sure!" I said trying to cheer up. I hanged out with Carla for a while. And as usual we sang. Then I just said: "Carla, I have to tell you something later" I said. "About what?" she asked. "Love" I whispered.."Oh okay" she smiled. Then she looked at Jake. Oh God. Is my crush obvious!? I felt nervous. Then the school bell rang.

I ran to my flag ceremony line. And as always Jake is right behind me. "Jake, when do you want me to do your favor?" I whispered. "Tomorrow" he said. "At a saturday! Seriously?" i asked. "yah!" he smiled. "Okay fine" I said. He smile always make my day great. "Dude, oh yeah why did you fall in love with Gaby?" I whispered. "Well she is cute and fun to text to" he smiled. "Oh" I said. I fell speechless. I guess if I really love him I should set him free. If he comes back then he is mine. If he doesn't he belongs to the girl he loves. Which is Gaby.

After school. I called Carla after I ate supper. "Hello?" she answered. "Carla, hi" I said. "Hi Rachel!! What is that secret about love?! Tell me! Pleaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeeeee!!" she said. "Uhm, I thought you forgot about that" i sighed. "Hehe. Now goooo!!!" she laughed. "Fine..uhmmm" I said. "SPILL THE BEANS" she said. "Grr! FINE! I LOVE JAKE CHRISTIAN!" I blurted out. "Wow! Does anybody else know?" she asked. "NOPE! Only you so don't tell anyone! PLEASE!" I begged. "Yah sure! Cuz' me too. I have a crush on him" she said. "Wow. i envy you" I said.

"Why?" she asked. "Cuz' you can say that you have a crush on her so easily. Who knows yours?" I asked. "YOU!" she said."Oh really?" she asked. "Yah!" I said. "Should we tell Neave?" I asked. "NOO! She might tell others!" she said. "Okay then" I said. Then I heard someone shout in the background saying: "CARLA! NO MORE PHONE!!" "OKAY!" Carla shouted back. "Hey, uhm Rachel I got to go! Let's talk tomorrow!" she said. "Okay then, bye." I said. As I put down the phone. The phone rang AGAIN. "Hello?" I answered. "Hey, Rachel!" Gaby said. "Oh! hi!" I said.

"Can I come to your house tomorrow?!" she smiled. "Yah suree" I said. "Hey, Rachel" she said. "Yes?" I said. "Favor, can you please call Jake and tell him I have a crush on him?" she sais. "Uh, Okay" I said. "Call me again! Okay?" she instructed. "Okay" I said. "Bye!!" she said. Not waiting for my reply. She hanged up. I sighed. "Things I do for my friends" I muttered. I dialed his number. Each second the phone rings. I feel tense. "Hello?" someone answered. Not Jake. OBVIOUSLY. "Hello, Good Evening may I talk with Jake?" I said politely. "Okay" he said.

Then he kept on shouting: "JAKE!!!!! PHONE FOR YOUUU!!" "COMING!!" he shouted back. "L-O-L" I muttered. "Hello? Whos this?" he asked. "This is Rachel" I said. "Hi Rachel! Why did you call?" he asked. "Well, Gaby toled me to tell you she loves you. Blah. Blah" I said lazily. "I know that already." he said. "I know, just go on with it" I said. "Okay then" he said. "Are you texting her?" I asked. "Yes" he said. "Dude, tell me the convo" I said. "No" he said. "Wow, nice" I said. "Hehe" he laughed."Fine then! I will call Gaby!" I said. "Fine" he said. Then we both laughed. Best thing about him is: he is really funny!

Chapter four.Edit

Fine. I admit. I'm getting pretty tired of knowing that my bestfriend and my crush has a crush on each other. So I decided not to get to much updated on that. I went online on facebook. I checked who is online. I saw Neave and Carla online. So we decided to have a group chat. We became bored after chatting about the hottest boys in the higher level. Mostly Justin Bell. Hottest boy in school. Me, Neave, Carla and Christian calls him "Hottie" and also the 2 most popular boys in school: Bart and Alex. So we played truth or dare. Carla picked "DARE" so I said: "Admit that youu have a crush on you-know-who to Neave" she said. "Okay then" Carla said. "Neave, I have a crush on jake" she replied on the facebook chat.

Now it was my turn, I picked truth because I am always afraid to pick truth. It is obviouss this is always the question: Do you have a crush on Jake? That kind of question is just kinda awkward and annying. So Carla said: "I dare you to tell Neave ho your crush is" she replied. "Fine" I said. Since I can never resist a dare. "Neave, I'm in love with my bestfriend. Then the song lucky just popped out of my head. Neave wasn't replying in Facebook me and Carla got annoyed. So we did was: we kept replying non stop until she replies.

"Oh, sorry I was speechless" she replied. Then she said: "Wait why didn't you tell me?" she asked. "Well, I was afraid you well tell the others" I said. "Oh, I see" she said. Then it was Neave's turn. As alwqays she picks truth. She never picks dare. As I thought of an idea what to truth her. I thought of Jake and Gaby. What happened to them? Well, I can just ask her tomorrow! She is going to my house. Then I thought of an idea. "Do you have a crush on Jake?" I asked. She did not reply for a long time. So me and shane were like: "SILENT MEANS YES! ADMIT IT!" then she finally replies: "Yes. I did before. Only little. But not anymore. Very long, long, long time ago"

Then I knew. I'm not alone. There are so many people in the whole class who has a crush on Jake! I saw the time in the computer it was: 10:00 P.M. I said Good Night to Neave and Carla and went offline. As I lay down on my bed I stared at our class picture. And I realize Jake is the reason I'm like this. I was different before. My life changed. I stood up. And got the phone. I called Gaby. Wishing she is still a wake. As the phone rang, I was thinking hard on what am I going to say. "Hello?" Gaby answered with a yawn. "Gaby!! What is your convo with Jake!" I said. "Can I tell you tomorrow? I am going to your house right?" she said. "Please I can't sleep" I said. "Well mostly because 2 people knows who is my crush" I muttered. "Huh? What?" she asked. "Nothing!" I said.

"Fine" she sighed. "Okay tell me." I said. "Okay this is what happened. I asked did Rachel tell you about the crush thingy? He said yes. I was surprised. I said: Oh me too. I never knew I would fall for someone like you. And he said: I see. Then he said he has low battery and he will text me again tomorrow.And he also said: Good Night sweet dreams. I said: Good night sweet dreams to you too. And that is it." she said. "Wow! Ayiiiiiiiiiieeee!" I said teasingly. "I-K-R!!!!" she laughed. "Uhm, Rachel bye now. I am soooo sleepy!" she yawned. "Okay! Good Night" I said.

Soon I started to sleep. The next morning, I took a bath early. Because mostly on weekends I takee a bath at the afternoon. Since I know that Gaby is coming I dressed up into jeans and t-shirt. Waited outsidy gate. While waiting I was texting Jake. And guess what our convo was all about? GABY. I soon saw a tricycle come toward the house. As she went off the tricycle and paid the driver she ran to me and said "Hi" I deleted me and Jake's text conversation while she went inside. I did not want her to see what we were talking about. We used the computer. We took pictures of ourselves and stuff like that. Then I knew I need to tell Gaby Jake has a crush on her. I called up Jake because Gaby forced me to.

So he was the one who answered. "Hello?" he said. "Hi dude! Gaby is at my house! WOHOO!" I laughed. "Woaaah! You're going to do it?" he asked. "Yep!!" I said. "NOOO! PLEASEE!" he shouted. "Wow" I said. "Gaby I have to tell you something!" I said. "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Jake shouted. "Jake has a crush on you" I said. "DUDE!!!" Jake kept on shouting on the phone. I put the phone onto Gaby's ear. Jake kept on shouting still. "Dude, shut up." she said. And he did. As I got the phone. He was quiet. "HELLO?" I asked. "DUDE! Why did Gaby just answer the phone?!?! ARE CRAZY!?!" she shouted. "I think you are" I said. Thebn it was lunch time. We put down the phone and ate fried chicken.

The rest of the time, we took pictures, ate food, go out, use the phone, use the computer and soundtrip. At 5:00 P.M. she left. After she left I went online and talked to Neave. Neave was planning to talk to our classmate Stephen Jones. Stephen Jones was a close fried of Jake. They would always talk about Jake's ex girlfriend Alyssa. Alyssa was kinda mean to me, Neave and Carla. She is kinda fake. She rolls her eyes at us when Jake was not there. That was the good times. But sadly they broke up. Neave and Stephen became close because of this game called 'Tetris' that is why she loves that game so much. Well, for me. Kinda BORING. No offense.

Chapter five.Edit

Neave and Carla has a crush on Stephen. Strange actually. Carla has a crush on Jake and Stephen. When Neave was copy pasting their whole convo. Suddenly she chatted me. She said: Thanks!!:) I was shocked. So I just stayed silent. Then he said: "Oops! Wrong send!" "Its okay!" I replied. And we had a long convo too. Like Neave and Stephen does. Soon Neave and me became close friends with Stephen. One of the popular boys in class. We toled Carla EVERYTHING. And Carla chatted Stephen also. Now all three of us became close with Stephen. Neave on the other hand is A MAJOR, MAJOR STALKER. She stalks Stephen alot in his Facebook. She knows almost everything. And that what makes her awesome.

The next day, Stephen was online. And she chatted me AGAIN. And liked my profile It is so funny actually! Because Neave got jealous. Carla also got online.We did Truth or Dare again after we were finished talking about the most popular boys in school. Neave picked truth. So me and Carla replied on chat: "Do you crush on Stephen?!" She was so silent. "DUDE! ADMIT IT!" me and Carla replied. "FINE!!! YES!!!" Neave said. Then it was Carla's turn. She picked truth. "DUDE ADMIT IT!!!You also have a crush on her too!!?!??!?!?!" Neave asked.

"YES!!! I DO!!" Carla admitted easily. And of course they asked the same thing to me. And I said no. He really isn't my type. So I was listening to music and sountriping the same time while they were chatting about Stephen. And that Carla will amit to Stephen her real feelings. And the worse part is I am part of it. I will admit to Jake I have a crush on him, at some point. Carla will admit in chat. And I will admit by letter. Uhhh it sucks so bad. So I was typing my letter. While Carla was admitting it while me and Neave are watching their convo by using Carla's account.

It was really an O-M-G moment. Stephen took it well easily. Well, he did promise not to tell anyone. We thought he will keep it a secret. But we were wrong. Until the next day. Her crush on Stephen spread like a virus. All his friends knows about it. Kurt, a close friend of Stephen. Kurt is gay, and kinda has a crush on Stephen. She kinda got angry and jealous at Carla. While Jana the girlfriend of Stephen, was okay with it, but kinda insecure. Carla was able to solve it all with this simple lie: "This is just a dare from my cousin. To have a crush on one of the cutest boys in the classroom"

And everyone believed it. At lunch I thought it was time to tell Tiffany who my crush is. So I did. Well she kinda admitted also to me who her crush is too. It was Christian Adams. One of my bestfriends. We also have this 'family' and Christian and Jake are my brothers. Sadly I'm the only one different. I'm the middle child. and I'm a girl. My mom is Coleen. And my 2 daughters are Neave and Katherine. Carla iis my neice and child of Jake. And my cousin is Mae. Her father or mother or whatever you call it is Kurt. Our family is just so crazy. But awesome.

Christian does not know about it so I thought, LET'S TELL HIM. I forced Tiffany to agree with it. And she did. So affter school. I am going to tell Christian. After school, I was suppose to call Gaby and Christian. So I decided to call Gaby first. I dialed Gaby's number fast. She is the one who answered. "So what happened with you two? Spill the Beans!!" I said. The i realized I started using spill the beans ever since Carla said that when I admitted to her I have a crush on Jake. "Well, this what happened I texted him this: Is that true? He said: what? I said: The crush thingy. He said: Yes. Then I said: I can't believe it. He said: yah me too. If we become girlfriend and boyfriend, would you like that? I said: If you're willing. He said: of course I am." she said. "Then..?" I asked. "Nothing else. I don't want to text him anymore" she said. "Okay" I said.

I'm good. I think I should be a god one day. I'M CUPID! But the sad part is..I gave my first real crush away.

Chapter six.Edit

I called up Christian. He answered. "Hello?" he asked. "Christian!" I said. "Yes?" he said in a funny gay-drunk voice. He is always like that when I call. "I have something to say to" I said. "Yes? cha! Becky!!" he joked. "Dude, I can't really take you seriously. This is important." I laughed. "Okay. What are you going to tell me?" he asked in his normal voice. "Well, I'm sure you will feel awkward when I say this, Tiffany has a crush on you" I said awkwardly. "O-M-G" he said. I laughed. I can NEVER take him seriously sometimes. "Dude, I wish you never had said that."

"Why?" I asked. "Dude, it is really awkward" he said. "I told you soo!!" I said. "Wow, dude I feel so awkward" he said. "Dude that what happens when you're a boy" I said. "Sooo..?" he said. "I don't know" I said. Then we both laughed. Then this dude that has a weird accent at the background just kept on shouting: "CHRISTIAN CLEAN THE DOG'S POOP!!!!! YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO USE THE PHONE UNTIL YOU CLEAN THIS DOG'S POOP!" I laughed. "Hehe. Sorry about that. That means bye then. I'll call you later" he said. "Okay" I said. As I hanged up the phone rang again! It was Neave.

"Hi Neave!" I said. "OMGG!!! RACHELL!!!!" she shouted. "Why? What happened?" I asked. "Me and Stephen had a video chat!!" she shouted. "AYIIIIIIEEE!!!" I said. "I-K-R" she said. "Spill the beans. Tell me what happened." I smiled. I was so happy for my friends. They all had a partner. Well I guess I just need to keep on finding the right one. But who? "Okay so the convo was like this: he said I look pretty in the web cam. and I said he looked HOT. Then he asked who my crush is. And I did not tell him. So we made a deal tomorrow he would tell me who is his crush and I would tell him who is my crush. So should I tell him he his my crush?" she said anxiously. "Of course! You don't know he might love you back! AND you both might be together in the future!" I smiled.

"I guess you're right! But do your dare!" Neave said. "Fine." I sighed. "Oka bye now!! i have to like tell Carla!! See you tomorrow!" Neave said. "Uhh, okay" I said. Then we both hanged up. I waited for Christian's call. But he did not call back. I lay down the bed. I soon started to slowly close my eyes. I woke up the next day. I was still in my uniform for Physical Education. I took a bath, changed clothes, ate breakfast then brushed my teeth. I did not feel good. I wanted to go and stay home. BUT I need to tell Tiffany, Christian's reaction. The next day it was really a sad day for everyone. Of course except Neave and Carla!

Christian and Tiffany was really awkward together so Christian just talks with Jake. I walked to Christian and Jake, and yawned. "Christian, why you not talking with Tiffany?" I asked. "Ohh, uhmm" he said. "EHEM!!" Jake coughed. "O-M-G! Is there something developing?" I smiled. "Noo.." he muttered. "Okay then if you say so" I said, then looked at Jake and gave him the tell-me-later look. He nodded. I left and went to Tiffany. I patted her back. Because she is doing head down. "Tiffany? You okay?" I asked. "What happened when you told Christian?" she asked. "He was kinda awkward and funny as usual." I smiled. "Oh great." she said, then she ace palmed. "Come one! Go talk to her!" I smiled. "Fiiiiiiiiiiiineeeeee!" she groaned.

She stood up and walked to Christian and Jake with me by her side. "Hi Christian!" Tiffany smiled. "Hi Tiffany!" he smiled back. "EHEM!" Jake coughed. Then he stood up. "Rachel! I am going to tell you something." he said. "I follow him to the corner of the room. "Okay, Christian has a crush BACK!!" he smiled. "Really?!" I said. "Yah! I guess because she like k-pop too" he smiled. "K-pop unites people" I said. We both laughed. The bad part of our little talk is people keep on looking. Which is SO annoying. I left immediately and checked out on the two love birds. I saw them talking seriously and also laughing like crazy.

I smiled. I guess this couple is finish time to work on Carla, Neave and Stephen. Since Christian, Tiffany, Gaby and Jake are finished. Valentines are near. Need to work fast on pairinng people up. Carla and Neave finally arrived school. I went to them. "Hi Neave! Hi Carla!" I smiled. "Like, HI!" Carla and Neave said at the same time. "Hi Neave!" Stephen said, while running toward Neave. Carla went ahead to put down her bags. "Hi Stephen!" Neave smiled. I even caught her blush. "Hey can you tell mw nooowww?" he asked. "Wait let me put down my bags first. Stephen and I was folllowing Neave to her seat as she put down her bags. "Noooow! PLEASE?" she asked.

"Fineeee!!" Neave sighed. Neave grabed his arm and pulled him to the corner me and Jake just talked. I notice the friends of Stephen when they pass by they always say: "AYIIIIEE!!" But both of the ignore. "Hmm what could they be talking about" I muttered to myself. Suddenly I felt a hand rest on my shoulder. I turned around and I saw Jake. "So whats going on?" he asked. "You're close friends with Stephen right?" he asked. "Yes, why?" he asked. "Who is Stephen's crush?" I asked. "Uhmm" he said. "PLEASEE! FOR ME!" I begged. "Okay fine! It is Camilla!!" he admitted. "O-M-G!!! Ain't that the enemy of Neave!?" I panicked. "Really? OH. GOD!" Jake said. "CRAP!!!" I said. Me and Jake watched Stephen and Neave talk. Stephen kept on talking while Neave looked normal. She did not look jealous nor angry. She was actually smiling.

After their conversation Neave walked to me. Her eyes were teary all of a sudden. "What happened?" I asked. "I admitted my crush annd he has a crush on that stupid female dog." she cried. "I know who. Ariana right?" I said. "Yeah" she muttered while sniffing. Carla walked to us with Christian andd Tiffany holding hands. I liked what I was seeing between Christian and Tiffany. I smiled at the sight of it. Then I frowned when Neave told Carla about it. Both of them are crying now. I felt sad for them. I am sure I am going to experience that soon in the future. As they bothe cried in the corner beside Carla's seat. I pitied them. They wipped all their tears when it was bell. As always Jake was right behind me at the line. While we were reciting the pledge every morning I looked at Carla and Neave. They were both absent mindness. "Oh, god I need to find them a partner. I can do this!" I sighed.

Chapter seven.Edit

After Reading class the bell rang for Recess. I went to Carla's chair immediately. Mae went their too. She is now part of the group since Abigail or who we call: "Rabbit dog" fighted. Me and Mae were enimies before but we became friends again. Thank God for that! Mae has a crush on Alex. Problem is they kinda have fight. Or should I call it 'lovers quarrel' While Neave and Carla was crying their eyes out at the corner while singing Jar Of Hearts ath this part: "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE! RUNNING AROUNG LEAVING SCARS! COLLECTING YOUR JAR OF HEARTS" and so on. Mae was talking and talking about Alex. Well she is really in love with Alex. I used to have a crush on him too. BEFORE.

But then I moved to Jake. Christtian and Tiffany was talking and talking. Like they don't have a care in the world. While Jake he was absent mindness too. I waved my hand in front of him to snap out of it. "Dude!!" I said. "Oh! Sorry" he said. "Hey, uhm Rachel I need to ask you something." he said. "What?" I asked. "Can we talk somewhere private?" he asked. "Fine" I said. We went to the ledge near the girls bathroom. "Hey, uhm, who is your crush..?" he asked awkwardly. "OH. GOD. SECRET!" I said immediately and went inside the classroom again. "PLEASEE..!!" he begged. Then the bell rang.

What a relief!! I looked at Neave and Carla. Until now they are still crying. I guess they can't really get over. After reading and science class. WHICH IS REALLY BORING. Was lunch. Jake went to me. STILL asking me the same question: "Who is your crush?" And as always my answer is "SECRET" or I just don't notice him. I joined Neave and Carla on their soundtrip. They sang sad songs and looking like their drunk! They're really funny! That what makes them awesome. Mae as always, Alex is always on her mind. I am kinda confused what the heck am I suppose to pay attention at? My broken hearted bff or my crush who is asking WHO is my crush. Then it was bell. The bell always save me.

We went down stairs to line up. As always me, Neave, Christian, Jake and Tiffany were always at the back. And of course the popular girls of class is always flirrting with Jake. As we went up the stair case he kept on asking me the same question all over and over again. I said again: "SECRET" at Math class the school bell rang and it was fire drill. The school was so awesome there was even smoke machine. Like the ones in concerts. That reminds me about Bandfest. The whole time in Bandfest we were following Stephen everywhere. Anyway we were all running down stairs. And the teachers were pretty annoying. They keep on shouting: "ONE STRAIGHT LINE!!" OH GOD. What if it is real?! Wh=ould you still bbe shouting that!? I'm sure not the whole school will survive!

As we went down we lined up at the lawn. And Jake runs after me and asks me the question and I say secret. THE STUPID THING is Carla just blurted it out. "You are Rachel's crush!" she said. I couldn't show my face!! But he was late reaction. So I calmed for a while. As we went up the stairs. "Hey, is that true?" he asked. "Huh?!" I said patrending that I did not hear what he said. No matter I was really nervous. I made myy walking faster to the classroom. I finally reached it. Then I saw our next teacher. It was Ms. Blythe our Christian Living teacher. THEE CLASS WAS MAJOR AWKWARD. It was all about love! Like what the hell was Ms. thinking about!? She said: "The man you love truly with all your heart is the right one. Who you shall live for the rest of your life in Holy Matrimony. The problem is if he doesn't love you back" Wow. I agree. SO MUCH. Mostly at the last part she said: "The problem is if he doesn't love you back" that sucks.

Like, why is love soo hard? Bell rang and it was Physical Education. I was called at Guidance Class. So I went to the Guidance ouncelor with: AJ and Abigail (or also known as "Rabbit Dog"). We had fun while waiting for our turn in guidance. The suckish part when she asked me who is Jake's former girlfriend. I did not say anything, I stayed quiet. So she stopped asking me. And now she just ask me about my life. So after session I was able to still reach half of P.E. class. I sat down beside Jake. He was really near me. He asked what the guidance councellor asked me."She asked me about Alyssa" I said. "OH NO!! Tell me everything!!" he said in his worried voice.

Cuz, well you see in our school you can't have a girlfriend, boyfriend nor have sex. No matter we are like 17. Okay, kinda akward for me saying that. Well it is true. WORST part is I can'thave a boyfriend til' I finish college. And I going to be a laywer that will take me so long! I MIGHT EVEN BE SINGLE FOREVER! Okay, back to reality. "The Guidance Councelor asked me: Do you know who is the former girlfriend of Jake? I said: Nope. She said: Are you covering up for her? Cuz' I know you guys are really close friends. I said: Nopeeeee!! He did not have a girlfirend yet. He is single forever until he graduates like me." I said. "Dude, I'm sorry for everything" he said, then starting to go closer and nearer to me. I felt awkward but I just ignored it. "Dude, Its okaaaaay!" I said. "No its not!!" he said.

"I had to make you my friend. Grr. LOOK what happened NOW!" he sighed. "Dude, chillll" I said. "How can I chill?!" he said. Then my friends Carla and Chhristian was making hearts. Which was so annoying so we went far apart. Then the bell rang. I lined up with Carla and Neave. All that I had in my mind was Jake. So of course I was empty mindness. So empry mindness that I did not even realize the flag retreat was finish. After class I got my bags. While Jake carried my file case for me. AND I DID NOT SAY ANYTHING! Which was so annoying. I tried to get it back. BUT HE DOESN'T WANT. So when we went to the gate where the buses are. Jake asked me again: "Who is your crush? I won't give you your file case if you don't tell me who." he said. "OH GOD! FINE!" I said.

I went close to him and whispered in his ear: "Yes, I have a crush on you. But PROMISE me don't tell anyone or I will never talk to you again" "I promise!" he smiled. "OH GOD! Can't you like, I don;t know tell us what the hell you guys were talking about?" Jasmine shouted. Jasmine also had a crush on Jake since like 3rd grade. Jasmine is a close friend of mine actually. She is always with me and Jake at dismissal. Jasmine and Gaby has THE SAME attitude! So I promise you if you put them together I AM ABSOLUTELY SURE they won't last a day without fighting each other or cursing each other.

Chapter eight.Edit

As I went inside the bus. I couldn't get over that I just admitted my secret crush to Jake! And then Jake stopped me from going up. "Hey! I will call you. What tikme you go home?" he asked. "4:00 P.M. as always" I said. "Okay! I will call you at 8:00 P.M. I still have tutor" he said. "Okay!" I said, then he left. Then after a few minutes he came back. "RACHEL! RACHEL! Come down pleaaasee..?" he asked. "Huh? WHy?" I asked. "Come with me to the Canteen please?" he asked. "Okay fine!" I said. Then went downn of my bus. He bought drinks. He bought milo, then bhe bought for me ice tea. "Thanks!" I smiled. "Welcome" he said. Then all of a sudden I bump into Stephen. "Hi Stephen!" I smiled. "Hey, um, can I talk to you for a sec.?" he asked. "Yah! Sure" I said.

"So you know..I have a crush on Camilla?" he asked. "Yes" I said. "Because, just don't tell anyone. I think I have fallen for Neave. Hey soft long dark brown hair, her brown eyes, her perfect make up, her perfect body, her laugh, how she smiles and mostly her sense of humor" he smiled. "O-M-G! I need to tell Neave!" I blurted out. "Dude! PLEASE don't!!" he begged. "I can pair you guys up! I am CUPID!" I said proudly. I glanced at Jake. He was sipping his drink while talking to his friend Patricia. Well actually his bestfriend before. "FINE! You can tell Neave!" he said. "YES!" I smiled. "Just pair us up." he said. "Okay, what about Camilla?" I asked. "I can get over her pretty soon. She is just an emo, with no life, who loves anime, and who has a lot of freckles" he said.

"Okay" I smiled. "Thanks! oh well, got to go!" he said. "Okay bye Stephen!" I said. "Bye!" he smiled. "What was that all about?" Jake asked. "Secret!" I said. "OH C'MON!" he said. "Nope! Now c'mon let's go to the bus now!" I said. "Finee!" he said. As we went to my bus. He said good bye to me. I smiled in return. Then when he left. "Ayiiiiiee" All my busmates who are my friends said. "Huh?" I said. "ADMIT IT! YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON HIM!" Katherine shouted. "YAH!" Raleene said. "Ew! Of course I don't" i lied. "ADMIT IT! ADMIT IT!" they chanted. "FINE! YES I DO!" I blurted out. All of them gasped. "Promise don't tell anyone!" I said. "We promise!" Raleene and Andrea said at the same time. All of them raised there right hand to show it as a promise.

I felt worried. What if they spread it? "Okay then" I sighed. "Okay fine so it is fair! We tell who are crushes are and our secret boyfriends! I will start!" Katherine said. "Okay continue" I said. "I have a crush on Oliver Johnson" Katherine admitted. "O-M-G!" I shouted. "You're turn Raleene" she said. "Okay. My secret boyfriend is Derik Banana" she amitted. "Oh, really?" I said. "Yah!" she said. "Your turn Andrea" Raleene said. "Fine I have a crush on MC!" she admitted. Wow. Seriously? Martin Clarkson. Martin Clarkson is shorter than Andrea! Ain't that weird? But I don't also want to break her heart or anything. But MC is gay.

"Your turn Amanda!" Andrea said. "Okay, my boyfriend is Patrick Crame" she admitted. Wow. I knew that news long, long ago! It is VERY obvious! And Jake told me already. After we admitted all of our crushes. And promised each other not to tell anyone else. We played hand games. Weird right? We are already 17 or 18 and we still do that. After I went home. I thought all of the people who new is my stupid crush. And also of course Jake. Christian called at my house. "Hello?" I asked. "Hi!" he said. "Hey Christian! Why you called?" I asked. "You busy? Cuz' I have good news!" he smiled. "What is that?" I asked. "Me and Tiffany are in a relationship now!" he said. "O-M-G! Howw?!" I shouted. "Well, I asked how many percent is her crush to me. She said 100% I smiled at her. And said I feel the same thing for her." he said.

"Then!? O-M-G! Can i tell Jake?" I asked. "Yeah suree" he said. "Okay continue!" I said. "Then, I finally said: Wanna be together? But private? Then she said: I WOULD LOVE TO. Then-" he said. "WAIT! When did this happen?" I asked. "Dismissal." he said. "CONTINUE!" I shouted. "Okay then, I said: Forever and Always. Then I held her hand. I whispered to her ear. I love you. Then we were girlfriend and boyfriend!" he whispered. "Why whisper? Ain't you should be happy?" I asked. "Dude, MY MOM IS HERE!" he said. "Ohhh!" I said. Then we both laughed. "Oh! I have to go! I have to eat supper!" he said. "Okay! Bye!" I said. Then we both hanged up. I went downstairs to get my laptop. I went online on facebook. And as always Neave Douglas is online. She chatted me as always with a: HI!:)

But I did not say hi back. Instead I replied with Congrats! "Why?" she asked. "I will call you! Since alot of people know my password!" I replied. I called up Neave. She is the one who answered. "NEAVE CONGRATS!" I said. "WHY!?" she asked. "Stephen has fallen for you!" I said. "O-M-G!" she shouted. Then screamed. I can ever hear her slippers. It sounds like she was jumping. "I WILL CALL HER!" Neave shouted. "Okay sure!" I said. "OKAY! BYE!" she said. Then hanged up. "Wow" I said at the same crossed my fingers so that they can be in a relationship like Christian and Tiffany. Then the phone rang. As I answered. I realized it was JAKE! "Hi Jake" i said. "Hey" he said. "You didn't call, me and I was kinda waiting for it" he said. "Okay, I see" I said. I told him all what happened today. Then I did not realize it was 8:00 P.M. "Oops! Jake! Got to go! I'm going to eat dinner. And you know do my job" I said. "Yes! You go do that cupid!" he laughed. We both laughed. Then hanged up.

Chapter nine.Edit

I sighed. I don't know why I can't get over. Wow. Just like Valentnes. LOTS of things happened. And it is all about LOVE. Well, it is still January. I still have time for Bart, Jasmine, Alex and Mae. After dinner I went straight to my bedroom. And fell on the bed. The next thing I know it. I'm in my sleeping clothes. And it is 5:00 A.M. time to get ready for school. After preparing myself. My bus as always go to my house on time. Raleene and me talked about our crushed. But mostly about her crush. I don't want to fall more in to him. As I reached the classroom. Neave was holding hands with Stephen. "Woaaah! What happened?" I asked. "We're together now" Stephen smiled. "O-M-G! CONGRATS!!" I smiled. Then Stephen kissed Neave on the cheek then hugged me. "What is the hug for..?" I asked. "For pairing me up with Neave" he smiled.

"And the kiss was for..?" Neave asked. "Because I love you" Stephen said as he stared into Neave's eyes. I was so happy for them. "Now i guess I should go and leave you love birds alone" I said. Then left. I could see that Neave was blushing all over. After Alex passed by the classroom. I ran to them. "ALEX! Mae wants to talk to you" I said. "About what?" he asked. "About something" I said. "Wait I have a question. I heard this rumor that Mae has a crush on me. Is that true?" he asked. "Uhmmm. MAE! COME HERE NOW." I shouted all of a sudden. Then Mae came. She looked shocked at the sight of Alex.

"Uhm, MAE HAS SOMETHING TO SAY TO YOU!" I said. As I walked I whispered to her: "Talk to each other" I whispered. She nodded. I stood near the door listening to their coversation. "Who is your crush?" he asked. "Someone. WHy you ask?" she said. "I heard rumors that you have a crush on me. Is this true?" he asked. "Uhm" she said. "Tell me." he said sweetly. "You" she muttered. "Thanks for saying that" he said. "Huh? WHy?" I asked. He held Mae's hands. "Because I feel the same way. I love you Mae. I regret everything what happened in the past. I knew we fought before. And we never spoke to each other but every day I realized my wrong doing. I suddenly fell for you. Some feeling that I don't understand. It is so uncontrollable." he said. I caught Mae blush.

"Really? But you would always tease me" she said. "Ever heard of the more you hate the more you love? Well that is what I am feeling right now" he said. He held still held Mae's hand tight. Then he just hugged her all of a sudden. Mae was so shocked that she hugged Alex back slowly. After they hugged. He held Mae's hand again then kneeled. I gasped. I looked around for anyone who is my close friend. But the nearest one is Jake. SO i pulled his t-shirt and showed him what was happening. "Will, you be my girlfriend?" he asked. I was so shocked. Girlfriend? SO FAST! Wow need to do Bart and Jasmine now. "YES!" Mae smiled. Then they both hugged again. "I guess I should leave them alone and work on my next one" I said.

"Nice job!" Jake said. I just smiled as a reply. Then the school bell rang. Alex ran upstairs to his classroom. "Congrats, Mae!" I smiled. "Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU SOO MUCH!" she smiled. "Welcome" I said. After flag ceremony, and the okedge we went inside the classroom. I looked at all the couples I paired up. they look so happy. Now I thought of Jasmine. I need to make Bart fall in love with her but how? If Bart has a heart of stone? OH GOD. No. Wait I can do this. Jasmine is pretty, she has got the brains and she kinda has a heart of stone and gold at the same time.

"Hey! Rachel!" Bart shouted. "Yah! WHats up?" I asked. "Hey, Did you pair up Mae and Alex?" he asked. "Yep!" I said. "Can you pleaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pair me up with someone?" he begged. "Fine! But who do you ideal most?" he asked. "ANyone! Just that she is funny, nice, and mean, awesome, strong, and cool" he said. O-M-G! This is just like JASMINE! YES! I'm almost finish with pairing up. "JASMINE!" I shouted. Jasmine walked to me. Then Bart left. "Jasmine, Okaaay, want to match up with Bart already!?" I asked. "YAH!" she smiled. "Okay then. Go hang out with for one whole day! He will LOVE you" I said. "Okay then" she said, the walked over to Bart. I sighed happily then walked over to Carla. All of a sudden, Aby walked to me.

She is the girlfriend of Jaden. "Hey, do you have a crush on Jake?" she asked. "NONE!" I said. "You sure? That is wha Jake told me" she said. "Ohhh. Really?" I said. "Yah so is it true?" she asked. "NO! Of course not!" I lied. Then I left and went to Jake. Aby shrugged then went to her friends. I punched Jake at the arm. "I hate you!" I said. "Why?" he asked. "WHY DID YOU FREAKIN' TOLD ABY!!?" I whispered angrily. "What?!" he asked. "THAT I HAVE A STUPID CRUSH ON YOU!!" I whispered. "Ohhh..But she is trusted!" he said. I punched him at the arm. "Are you kidding me? Seriously! SHE IS A MAJOR BLABBER!" I said. "Dude!" he said. "GRR!!! I hate you!!" I shouted then left. The bell rang and it was time for English class.

Jana is my seatmate at the left. Then Jasmine is at the right. Jana went close to me then whispered in my ear: "Do you have a crush on Jake?" she asked. "NONE!" I said. "Tell the truth. I know. Aby told me" she said. "OH. UHM! That is not true!!' I said. "Are you suree?" she asked. "FINE I DO! I DO HAVE A CRUSH ON JAKE!" I admitted. "Oh okay" she smiled. I felt like crying. What if Gaby knows?! I can't handle my reputation anymore. At Science class, I heard Gaby whisper to Danee, Camilla and others: "DO YOU KNOW RACHEL HAS A CRUSH ON JAKE!?" Gaby said. I felt so shocked. I wanted to cry, but I just stayed silent. Then bell rang for Lunch. I cried on lunch break. All my friends were gathering around me to check if I was okay. I cried alot. Then unfortunately. Neave shouted: "JAKE! JAKE!" "Shut up!" I whispered. "It's just a waste of time." "JAKE! JAKE" Neave chanted.