Chapter 1Edit

Caitlin's P.O.V.Edit

I heard a loud beeping sound. I tossed and turned trying to avoid it. But I knew I had to go to work and bring Katy to school. I slowly opened my eyes. I felt a bit depressed. My husband left us when Katy was just 2 years. Leaving me and Katy with no money. So we had to live inside an apartment. I stood up, and went down the stairs, I prepared my coffee. And drank slowly, while reading the newspaper.

"What are you doing, mom?!" Katy shouted. I stopped reading and looked at her. She was all dressed up for school. Her bag was ready. Her caramel curly hair, looked neater than usual. I was really impressed. SO this is how she looks like before she goes to school. "Uh, drinking coffee" I replied."MOM! Bring me to school!" she shouted. "Okay, okay" I said calmly.

I ran up stairs put on some make up and put on my office clothes. "Okay let's go" I said as I went down the stairs. "Finally! You are so slow!" Katy said and was annoyed. We both ran outside, the school was only a few blocks away. We both ran fast. Katy went ahead of me. "Faster! You are so slow" she shouted to me. I ran faster, until I accidentaly bumped someone. "I am so sorry," I bend down to pick up the folders that he droped. "It's okay" he smiled.

I looked at him, he was really handsome. His brown hair was full of gel and he wore a tux. "Where are you going?" I asked, staring at his eyes. he had the most beautiful eye lashes! "MOM! FASTER!" Katy shouted louder. I knew she was really a head of me. "Sorry I got to go" I said and ran faster. "Wait what is your name!" he shouted to me. I just ignored him and ran. We reached Katy's school. It was huge! She was already in high school.

It was mixed with boys and girls. I was scared what if she falls in love too and in the end she becomes broken hearted? I just need to wait, until it happens. "Here you go" I said to Katy. We came there just in time before there warning bell. I walked to my job as a banker. I went to the office of my boss. And he looked familiar. Soon I realized he was the man I bumped into . I gasped silently. HE was even more handsome when you looked at him closer.

Chapter 2Edit

Katherine's P.O.V.Edit