The Haunted School
Cassie and Miley were being hunted in their current school. Then, they found out something , something they wouldn't understand that , that was happening to them.

Chapter 1Edit

Cassie's P.O.V.Edit

My mother drived me to my new school. I hated it, I am going away from my friends. I missed my old school so much. "Why am I moving to another school again?" I complained. "Your father needs to have a job and we need to be near him, that is why we moved and you transfered to a new school" my mother explained. I rolled my eyes. From all schools why this one? The name is worse that old gym socks! I maybe exagerating but it is true.

The school is called Standford University, it does sound proper, but I am not that kind of girl! I love rock, my hair is always a mess I always wear loose shirts and short shorts. I am already 15 but I am not mature. I have blonde hair, electric blue eyes, thin and tall. My mom thinks it is unusual for a girl, to be such a mess.But I always rolled my eyes everytime she does a stupid lecture like that. I don't "get along go along" I follow myself and my heart.

My mom dropped me off the school, I grabbed my bag and went out of her car. I looked at the school for a while, just the look of it made me puke. I just hated it. I entered the school, I saw something horrible. It made me hate the school more it was uniforms, yes uniforms. I hate uniforms and private schools. My last school was a public school and you can wear anything you want but here, this is like torture! I walked around, all the students looked at me as I walk like I am some kind of stranger.

A girl walked to me, she was the opposite of me. Her hair was all neat, her clothes are all straighten and her shoes are polished. She's a brunette and had yellow eyes. It suited her actually, she looked pretty also. She brought out her hand, for me to shake it. "I don't shake hand with goody good girls like you" I said. "I see. Well anyway, my name is Miley Evans. Good to meet you" she said in a cheery voice. I was really emo, so I just rolled my eyes at her.

"So what's your name?" she asked. "Your waisting my time" I said. I tried to get out but she blocked me. "Get out of my way!" I shouted. "Nope, you can't go anywhere 'cause I know this place so I can lead you! I am trying to be nice here, so suck up your attitude!" Miley shouted. I liked her tone, she was just like me! I smiled at her. "Okay then, my name is Cassie Chance and I like your attitude!" I smiled. "Well that is the bad side of me. And you like it?" she asked in surprise.

I nodded. Miley brought me to the principal's office. The principal gave me my uniform. I stared at it for a long time, it made me want to puke. But i still accept it. The bell rang so Miley showed me my classroom and you know what's awesome? We are seatmates. Our first class was History.

Chapter 2Edit

After class, Miley caught up with me. "Hey, why did you run? I thought proper girls don't run" I teased. She just rolled her eyes and had a fake smile. "Well I wanted to give you a tour around the place!" Miley smiled. "What are you gonna show me? How rich is your school" I made another tease. For some great reason, I LOVE teasing her and this horrible school. "No, how great it is!" she said. I rolled my eyes, I just had to follow her.

Besides I don't want to be a loner. We walked around the place, the last stop was great! It was the Chapel of the school. I am not religous at all, I barely go to mass but my favorite part, is because the students believe that this place is haunted or curse! I loved the thrill of adventure. It was fun. "Why did they believe this chapel is cursed or haunted?" I asked exitedly.

"Oh, because one night a student came here. But she did not return. The police searched for her all day but none. Until they found her body inside an altar" Miley shivered as she said it. I can even see her hair prickle. I loved the story, I love horror stories. Real or fake. "That's it? What else" I said. "Okay one day there was a mass here, a few minutes later a-" Miley stopped. I felt the ground shake, I knew it was an EARTHQUAKE!

Miley and I ran out of the chapel and out of the school we saw the others there too. Also the principal. "Did anyone go to the chapel?" he announced. I soon realized that chapel was really haunted. I did not hate my school anymore I LOVE it. I thought it was dumb proper school but no it wasn't it was a school with a mysterious chapel! Who would not like that?! Well I guess EVERYONE. But not me. In my old school I was the bravest of the brave.

I was even braver than the boys I was good at sports. I walked to my school principal. "Hey, what's the matter doc?" I asked like he was just my age. All the other kids gasped and did oohhhss and ahhhss. While Miley ducked in embarrasment. I felt sorry for her but I just can't help myself. The principal made a face. "Well, maybe you should ask your tour guide Miley. Go tell her the story Miley" he said. "She already did so please, DON'T tell others what to do mostly my friends. Get the deal pap?!" I teased.

Miley left, I knew she was embarrassed. "Of to DETENTION!" the principal shouted. He was so angry his face was red. I rolled my eyes. I ran after, Miley instead. I found her near a tree, crying. I walked to her, I patted her back gently. "GO AWAY!" she shouted. "I am sorry" I said. "Because of you I was so embarrassed by the whole student body!" she exclaimed. "I am sorry!" I repeated. She did not listen to me instead she left me alone. A student came to me. "The principal wants to talk to you" he said. I followed him to the principal.

Chapter 3Edit

Miley's P.O.VEdit

I feel humiliated after I shouted to Cassie. I was so sorry. It's just like she wanted to say sorry and I didn't accept. I went to class after I ran away from her and I noticed she wasn't in class . I was worried about her.

"She's in detention" someone whispered. Then, I looked at the back checking if one of my classmates whispered that. No one did. Bang! The sound of Mrs. Weinstein's cape caught my attention.

After school I went to the detention area to see if Cassie is there and she was! "Cassie!" I whispered peeking at the door. I can see the look on her face. She was surprise. Kring! The bell has rang as Cassie got her bag and follow me. "I'm sorry about earlier." I apologized. "Just dont do that again." she teased.

I hate it when she tease me. "Let's go again to that creepy chapel!" Cassie wished. "Maybe next time." I replied.

"oh, c'mon!" she complained. " Fine! But if somethings gone wrong , that's your fault! " I shouted as I rolled my eyes.

When we entered we saw some nuns they were praying. " What are they doing?" Cassie asked. " I don't know. I have never seen them before! We don't have nuns here." I said. " What??? Then who are they? " she asked again with a loud voice that those creepy nuns can hear. They stared at us with their creepy eyes.

" OH GOD!!! RUN CASSIE!!! " I was frightened so I shouted.

When we were running I looked back. Yes, they were still chasing us. We don't know what to do. Then we finally got out of school. THEY WERE STILL CHASING US!! We noticed that the sky is dark and it's drizziling. Then suddenly tower clock of our town has finally rang. We also noticed that the nuns were going back to school.

" Let's Go!!" I shouted. I looked back. I have no idea were they were going now.

A security guard of our school noticed us. " Hey! Both of you ! STOP!" he shouted. " Thanks God! "Someone here is real! " Cassie shouted. "Where do you think you're goin' ? It's almost 6 in the evening. Go home!" the security guard shouted as he listed our name on his log book. " Officer , we just saw something creepy there." I explained. " What?? You two are out of your mind! Go home! " he teased.

"I told you we should have headed home after school!" I said to Cassie. "What?? That was the best adventure I had in my whole life! " Cassie shouted. " SHUT UP! " I said.

This adventure is sure not a memory to keep.

Chapter 4Edit

Cassie's P.O.V.Edit

Me and Miley walked home together. Until now I can still see Miley shivering. "Why are you so scared? That was F-U-N" I laughed. Miley rolled her eyes and patrend that she did not hear me. I got irratated, so I thought of a sneaky plan. We went to Avenue street, it was dark. I looked at Miley her hair prickled. I tried to hold my laughter. I mean look at her she looks so funny. I thought it was the right time to do the plan so, I hid in the corner.

Miley continued walking by herself, I was surprise she did not notice me. So I just stayed quiet. "Why is it so dark in here? It is only 6:30" she said shakingly. She did not hear my answer she looked from right to left, then she screamed. "OH MY GOD, THEY GOT CASSIE!!!" Miley screamed while running around in circles. I can't help but laugh. She looked so ridiculous! Eventually Miley heard me laugh. She got so annoyed.

"Ha, Ha! I got you! Can't you see the look on your face it was so funny!" I teased. She gave me a look. "Aww don't give me that look" I said teasingly. I pinched her cheek. "Ouch, don't do that to me!" Miley said, she looked really annoyed this time. So I stopped. We continued walking to our houses. "Wait, where is your house?" I asked Miley. "Oh just over there" she pointed. "That is so cool! My house is beside yours!" I smiled.

We walked slower this time to our houses. Until I felt someone grabbed my ankle. "Uh, Miley stop holding my ankle" I said. "I'm not, I am just beside you" she explained. I got a little nervous, I looked down and I saw one of the nuns, bony arms holding me! "AHHHHH!!! IT GOT ME!!" I shouted in fear. I never felt this before, but I was so scared. Miley looked down and saw the hand. She screamed too. "Help me get this hand of me!!" I shouted.

Miley squatted and got a rock. She used the rock to whack the bony hand. She whack it non stop until it let go. We soon found out that the hand did not have a body. We both screamed to the top of our lungs and ran to my house. We saw the hand slowly crawling to us. I got my house keys inside my backpack quickly and opened the door. We were able to make it. "What just happened" I asked breathlessly. I was surprised, I never, ever been this scared my whole life.

Actually, I never was scared. "So you have a fear also" Miley said. "Don't dare tell ANYONE! or else" I threat. "Okay, okay fine. I told you we should not go to the chapel" she teased. We both sat down and breathed slowly. Miley was too scared to go out. So she called her parents so we can have a sleep over.

Chapter 5Edit

Miley's P.O.VEdit

"What now?" I asked Cassie. "I don't know!" Cassie replied. " Will they ever stop following us?" I asked again. " I don't know!" she answered with the same reply. " I see... you are scared aren't you. I knew it you were scared!" I teased Cassie. "SHUT UP" she rolled her eyes. "Let's just watch a movie!' she said. "What movie?" I asked.

"GONE WITH THE WIND!" she answered. "Wow! I didn't know you like old movies so much!" I teased. "SHUT UP!" she answered again with the same reply. I knew there was something wrong with her. I heard foot steps on the stairs going to Cassie's room, where we are. I hugged her because I was so scared.

"OMG! Who are you hugging! " Cassie shouted in confusion. "OMG! OMG! OMG!" I shouted in fear. I stopped hugging that one. Cassie was down stairs minutes ago. I knew that Cassie was not the one I was hugging.

I quickly run to Cassie while shouting. We ran down stairs to be with her brave housemaid. When we were down stairs we hugged her housemaid. "Do you like old movies?" I asked Cassie. " What?? NO!" she shouted.

That's why the one I was hugging before liked old movies because that wasn't Cassie. We all felt the ground shaking. We all knew it was another EARTHQUAKE! Again, we hugged her housemaid tightly. The earthquake was short. " Will they ever leave us alone?" I asked Cassie. Cassie shook her head. " What are you talking about?" her housemaid asked.

Cassie and I told her the story. She was frightened. She knew that there was a story behind our school and about the nuns. " OMG! I forgot about my parents! Are they okay at home?" I shouted in fear that they could have been dead. "Cassie come with me! Let's go to my house!" I shouted to her as I drag her. " What?? NO!!" she shouted back because of her fear.

Chapter 6Edit

Cassie's P.O.V.Edit

I finally agreed with Miley, so we were in front of my front door. "Are you ready?" I asked. "Yes, we should not leave anyone BEHIND" Miley said. "Okay, 1 2 3, GO!" I shouted. We both opened the door and ran to Miley's house. We rang the doorbell of Miley's house but no answer. "Don't you have the keys?!" I panicked. "No, I don't" she said shakingly. I panicked. But I did not show it, because if I do, I will look like a coward out there.

I knocked on the door and she rang the doorbell. We did this non stop until fog came. "Wait, I'm new here so, does this happen every night?" I asked. "No, we never have fogs here" she said shakingly. We both screamed. Then we saw nuns slowly walking toward us. We screamed louder. "Let us in, LET US IN!!!" Miley shouted while pounding at the door like a wild animal. I felt scared, I knew that the nuns are going to kill us.

"DON'T STAND THERE, HELP ME!!" Miley panicked. She continued pounding at the door. I looked at the nuns they were coming closer and closer. The nun were just 2 feet away from us I screamed and soon, someone opened the door. Me and Miley squeezed in and I slammed the door. No matter we were already safe, Miley still kept hitting her father. I sighed in relief, that we are still ALIVE.

"Come down, Miley" Miley's father said calmly, patting her back. Tears streamed down her cheeks. "I..I can't take this anymore" she muttered. I felt pity for her. I knew it was MY fault that we came inside the chapel again and it was MY fault that I became a new student in Standford University. I tip toed to whisper to Mr. Evans. Mr. Evans was 6 ft tall. "Can I have a sleep over here?" I asked. He nodded as he continued patting Miley's back.

After Miley calmed down, we went up stairs. "Why is this happening? Maybe soon we will end up like that student inside that altar DEAD" Miley said shakingly. "Miley, we need to get to the bottom of this" I said. "How?" Miley asked, scratching her head. "We need to talk to the principal and let him explain, what is the secret behind that chapel. And why is it haunted by nuns?!" I explained. Miley nodded in agreement.

At 8:00 PM we slept immediately. We were so tired from all the things that happened. I moved left and right because I had a nightmare. My nightmare was: Me and Miley went to school we just had our English class. Our teacher kept writing on the bored weird stuff like: Your next! You had to go to the chapel! you never will find out what happened! It made me shiver I raised my hand and asked my teacher what is that included in English.

But she did not reply she put down the chalk and use her sharp nails to scratch the black board all the student covered their ears. She turned around to look at us. I shivered all over when I saw a skeleton face oozing with blood. I woke up from my dream and went back to sleep again. The next day, Mrs. Evans drove us to school.

Chapter 7Edit

Miley's P.O.VEdit

We immediately sat in our seats. "Don't tell me you want to go to that chapel again." I said. "Never!" she said. "Are they here? Can you see them? " I asked. "Of course, NO!"she answered.

" Let's just tell it to the principal." I requested. "What?" she asked. "All of these happening in our lives." I answered. "Fine just don't ever humiliate me." she suggested. " You humiliated me once!" I complained. We were on our way to the principal's office when we saw our principal already. "Principal! Principal!" we both shouted. "What?" he replied as he turned back and didn't notice the banana peel in front of him. "AHHH" he shouted.

We ran to him to help him recover but it was too late. All of the student thinks it was our fault that he had that accident. His head bumped to the floor. A little blood dropped. "Mr. Principal!" We shouted in fear that he woould die. We were accused. Cassie noticed the banana peel. "Wait! That banana peel! It wasn't even our fault! " Cassie explained. " See! You were accusing us! " I teamed up with Cassie. " We were about to tell something!"

Cassie shouted. Cassie ran and I didn't follow. She ran to the very middle place of our school and said " Don't ever go to that chapel! " she even said our whole story. But no one believed us. One said " I'll go there! Wait for me!! " he teased. No one believed us but many teased. Again, I was humiliated.In class , one of our teacher wasn't in class. Then suddenly someone screamed in the top of their lungs. I knew it was our history teacher.

We followed the scream. Until finally we found where the scream was from. It was in the chapel. We didn't enter because we knew there would be another earthquake or whatever. Until someone came to rescue our history teacher. " Nuns!" I shouted because I saw two nuns staring at them. They didn't notice it. We both realized that we were the only one seeing them. " Are we crazy?" I asked . " I think. " Cassie replied. We really are crazy. We left the church to avoid another scary moment. I noticed her frightened.

Chapter 8Edit

Cassie's P.O.V.Edit

I knew I was just seeing things. But worse, I am the coolest girl in the whole school but ever since I moved here, I am like a crazy person on the loose. "What is the plan?" I asked. "Let's get out of here, I don't want to go inside there and see those nuns again" Miley said. We ran back to the classroom. All the students laughed at us. Teasing us about it. I got really pissed, while I saw Miley blush. I guess she got embarrassed because her crush is laughing at her too.

I had no idea who it was but I knew she had a secret crush, just by her attitude. The history teacher came back to our classroom. "I am so sorry, I had some issues to go through." our history teacher apologized. I looked at Miley we both knew what happened but if we say it, my reputation will be flushed down the toilet. At recess, I caught up with Miley. "Miley, do you have a crush" I asked. There was moments of silence, the whole time Miley blushed.

"Who is it?" I asked, poking her."Since you are my best friend here, it is Nicholas Clyde!!! He is so cute" she smiled. "Who is that?" I asked. "The guy next to you in class" Miley blushed. I was speechless, I didn't not think he was cute at all! Only he looks like a dork, more than a cutie. Well Miley is a neat freak, maybe they can match. I shivered in fear when I saw something caught my eye. "What is wrong?" Miley asked, poking my arm.

She looked where I was looking at and had the same expression. It was another nun again calling our names. Her voice had a force me and Miley slowly walked to the nun, no matter we tried to stop ourselves, like some kind of spell cast upon us. We were only 5 steps away from her. "Follow me, follow me" the nun said. We followed like she is a magnet.

She brought us to the chapel. I shivered as we entered. The nun that brought us here joined the others. They held hands and said strange words."STOP THE MADNESS BEFORE IT EXPLODES!" a voice shouted. The nuns did not look disturbed like they did not hear anything. I turned around and I saw Nicholas. Pointing at us. He did not look scared at all. Guess he wasn't a geek. He slowly came inside and grabbed me and Miley. I saw Miley blush.

After we were out the chapel, he danced like crazy. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Dancing" he replied. "Teach me how to dougie, teach me, teach me how to dougie" he sang. I rolled my eyes, while Miley blushed and blushed. He was so corny. I looked back at the chapel, but the nuns did not notice us. "Nicholas? Can you see nuns over there" I asked as I pointed. "No, there is no nuns here! Are you crazy?" he laughed.

I got pissed. Me crazy? You're the crazy one for dancing like a weirdo and who screams inside a chapel? I got red with anger. I wanted to punch him, I lifted my arm. But Miley stopped me. I looked back at the chapel then I saw the nuns walking toward us. I poked Miley in the arm and showed her the nun. She screamed and ran fast. I followed her. Nicholas followed me. He looked puzzled he did not have a single clue what is happening.

Chapter 9Edit

We ran to a corner. Me and Miley were shivering in fright. "What is happening? Are you crazy?" Nicholas demanded. Us crazy? I got pissed again! I wanted to punch him hard, or even slap him. But I can't, Miley will get angry at me. Me and Miley leaned against the wall. "I am worried. What if they will never stop?" I asked breathlessly. "I know right" Miley sighed.

Until someone strangled me! I looked at Miley, she was being strangled too. Nicholas did not see anything he was too busy fixing his hair. I looked down to see the hand strangling me, it was bony and white, just like the nuns hands! Their hands came out from the wall. I suddenly can't feel myself. I realized I am fading away! I closed my eyes and hoped for the best.

I opened my eyes again. I looked around, I was not at the corner hiding with Miley and Nicholas. But I was inside the chapel once again! I looked around, searching where is Miley. I soon saw Miley behind me, sitting down. "What's happening?" I whispered to Miley. "I don't know, but I have a bad feeling about this" she sighed. The nuns did the same thing, holding hands and muttering prayers.

I shivered, because I knew Miley is right. I watched them as they slowly put a small jar on top of the table. "What is that?" I asked myself. "Stand up!" one of the nuns commanded. We stood up. I never ever been this scared my whole life. I did not know WHY should I be scared. I am Cassie Chance!!! For goodness sake! I don't "go along get along." What is happening to me?!

I knew I had to return to my old Cassie Chance, or else, nothing would ever be the same. You know why? Because, my parents leave me at home in the dark all the time, I stay in this haunted school AND my old friends ADORE my courage. And if I become the "go along get along" and the Scaredy cat, my whole reputation is ruined!!

"Do you know why your here?" a nun asked us. "No" I replied. "When there was an earthquake you woke up our souls and when you came back here, we knew you were the reason we woke up. Now we want you to PAY!" another nun shouted. Miley, became pale. I knew she was more scared this time! "Now we need one of you to SACRAFICE your pity souls" the nuns said at the same time.

Chapter 10Edit

Cassie's P.O.V.Edit

I knew we had to pick either me or Miley. I had to sacrifice MY soul. I need to be brave! "So, you kids talk over there in the corner, while we get the chamber. To you know suck your souls" the nuns laughed. I went close to Miley. "I will do it!" I whispered. "No! Wait, is this because you think you're not brave enough?" she asked. "How do you know?" I asked. "Because I been noticing your attitude. Your starting to be less brave" she muttered.

That's it my reputation is ruined. Even my bestfriend in my new school found out! "Yes, you are right" I sighed. "But I will still sacrafice my soul!" I argued. "No-" it trailed off. Miley's sentence cut short because of a loud bang. "ENOUGH THINKING! It's time for decision" a nun shouted. Me and Miley went back to our seats. "Now who is going to sacrifice?" all of them asked.

I raised my hand. "Me!" I said. "NO!" Miley shouted. "Well, okay then. Your name is Cassie right?" a nun asked. "Yes, yes I am" I muttered. "Good" she smiled. They pushed me near the jar, they chanted prayers. Soon my soul was slowly getting out of my body, I screamed to the top of my lungs, until my last breath. They chanted louder and my soul was getting sucked faster!


Miley's P.O.V.Edit

Soon, Cassie's soul was inside the jar. My eyes started to water. "Well, it is finish now go on" a nun said, shooing me away. Cassie saved my life and everybody's life for now. She is really brave. The bravest person I have met. I left the chapel wipping my tears. It was so sad for me to loose my bestfriend. "Thanks god, I found you!" A voice shouted to me. I turned around and I saw Nicholas.

"Where is Cassie? Why are you so sad?" he asked. I told him the whole story. Since the first day Cassie went to Standford University to her awful death. He bowed his head. And I cried more. "Everything will be alright!" I heard a voice mutter. I looked at Nicholas, he looked like he heard it too. I looked around and I saw Cassie. "Cassie!!!" I shouted as I ran to hug her. But I was not able to hug her because she was now just a spirit.

"So you are really dead" Nicholas said sadly. "I am only gonna be here for 5 mins, before I go to Heaven" she smiled. "I will miss you Miley and you Nicholas from your annoying self" Cassie laughed. "But, I.." I started crying. "Cheer up, please, for me" she begged. "Oh alright" I smiled. "This is a small remembrance. I will miss you all" she said biting her lip. I bit mine too, because I wanted to hold my tears. She handed me a heart necklace.

It was in half. She gave me the other half that written friends. I wore it. "Whenever you wear always remember me" she said as she started to fade away.. "No.." I muttered sadly. From that day on, I knew now what is the true meaning of Courage.


Soon we all lived peacefully. I had my own family with Nicholas now. We had three kids . Two boys and one girl. I thought them how to be brave. How to be like Cassie, a friend that will never be forgotten because of her courage. I feel her when I look at my necklace and pretend she was always by myside. She was always there. I made a Cassie plant sculpture in our backyard. Just like a hero. I look at the sky and see her in the clouds. Waving at me and calling out my name. I always feel her she was beside me. She was there. She will always be in my heart. ♥