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Avril's P.O.V.Edit

I was certain someone was watching me, I was scared out of my pants all right.

But before I continue my story, I'm Avril Loraigne.

Before I found out something terrible that leads to my demise, you might want to check yourself out first. If you know what you're dealing with in this story, go to a different story, but while you read this and you feel something stirring, leave.

If you know nothing about this stuff, I hate you, you can live a normal life, you think it's all fiction, well, good luck, you might not know they will come for you.

Chapter One: Year-2004 Age-6Edit

A News Reporter's P.O.V.Edit

So far, young Avril Loraigne's best friend, Ashleigh Lingeraine died in the car crash between the Lingeraine-Margeniate families.

The Margeniate bodies were found in the car crash, however, Ashleigh Lingeraine's body was not found in the car crash.

Investigators are still searching the whereabouts of Ashleigh's body and investigates if the child ever survived. The Lingeraines were alive but died 3 days after such accident.

In another yet related matter, some neighbors of Ashleigh Lingeraine has said and accused that they see the young girl following the families or the members of the family.

Chapter Two: Year-2011 (Present) Age-13Edit

Avril's P.O.V.Edit

I was readying my bag when someone called me from the living room. "Avril! You're going to be late for school if you won't move faster!" My mother called.

"Yeah Mom!" I replied.

I thought about my deceased friend as I went down. She died when I was 6, and I never found a friend ever again.


I went inside the car, I looked at the rearview mirror, which made my heart jump, I saw my friend, Ashleigh, but she was dead! How is it I see her here right now?!

I stared at the mirror until my younger brothers, Greyson and Justin sat at the back, and my mom went to the driver's seat.

"Well, first day at your new school, I hope you like Polk Middle School." Mom said, my younger brothers cheered, they were 2 years younger than me.

"Remind me again my we moved from Lima, Ohio to here." I complained.

"You're getting too obsessed by the death of Ashleigh, your father and I are getting worried about you, so when your dad had this job offer here, we both decided to accept it and move here." She explained.

"But Mom." I whined.

"Don't worry, Mom. She just likes to stay in Lima because Michael's there." Greyson snickered.

"Did not!" I blurted.

Justin started to make kissing noises, Greyson laughed.

"Avril likes Michael! Avril likes Michael!" They sang together.

"See Mom? Are you sure they're the right twins?" I pouted.

"Enough. It's the first day of school for all three of you and you're fighting." She scolded.

I sighed and twirled my green-highlighted hair. Over the years, I dyed my hair with green-highlights. Mostly because it matched my blue eyes.

Greyson and Justin had blonde hair, we three had it from our mom, and our blue eyes from our dad.

We rode silently until we heard a loud thump on the road.

"What was that?" Justin asked.

"I-I don't kn-know, children. Let us ch-check it out." Mom stammered. We went outside. When I went outside and looked, I saw a familiar face . . .

"Jane!" I blurted as I ran to her. "What happened?"

Jane was a friend Ashleigh and I had, ever since pre-school. She moved here 3 years ago, when I was 10.

"She. Will. Try. To. Follow. You. She. Tried. To. Get. Me. Be. Afraid." She breathed, blood came out of her mouth.

"Who?" I demanded, clutching her hand.

"Wear. This. It. Protects. You. From. Her." She said as she gave me a bracelet with weird markings on it.

"Protects me from who? Jane, what are you talking about?" I asked.

"Find. Michael." She said, her face going pale.

"Michael Robbs?" I posed.

"Yes. Find. Him." She breathed, her voice shaky.

"No, you-you can't leave me, Jane." I said, a little bit teary-eyed.

"I. Can. Say. No. More. I'll. Miss. You. Avril." She said as she closed her eyes and her hands falling to the road.

I stared at the lifeless body. She was dead. She got ran over by my mom.

"No. Jane." I whispered. Mom patted my back.

"Don't worry, Avril. I will call the ambulance." She comforted. I eased Jane off my lap and stood, facing my mother.

"She's dead! Not even every single kind of treatment known to man can save her! She's dead, and you ran her over!" I screamed. Mom hugged me, we both sat as I sobbed.

"Hush, Avril. I know how you feel." She tried to comfort.

"No! You haven't lost a friend before. You don't know what happened to me, to feel lost and alone." I sobbed.

Chapter Three: Year-2011 (Present) Age-13Edit

Avril's P.O.V.Edit

I sat there, at my seat for Science class, waiting for the bell to ring for lunch. I looked at my watch, it was 5 minutes before lunch.

Someone tapped my shoulder. I looked, it was a boy of blue eyes and black hair.

"Hi. What's your name?" He greeted.

"Avril, Avril Loraigne." I said as I held out a hand.

"Jake, Jake Byron." He replied as he shook my hands.

"Quiet on the back!" My new teacher barked.

I immediately let go of his hand and stared back at the board.

"Okay, so, again, Down Syndrome occurs when either the mother or the father has a few amount of chromosomes. Down Syndrome is when the child acts younger and thinks younger than their age. For example, a 23 year old man thinks like a 10 year old boy." She said. "So next time, better hope that your future child will not have Down Syn---"

The bell had rung, everyone cheered.

"Do not forget, class. Your homework will be on the Kingdoms of Living Things, your report will be on Wednesday, you have 2 days." She continued, everyone groaned.

As I was about to leave, a voice called. "Miss Loraigne, I will see you after class."

Fudge. I thought. I walked to Mrs. Georgiana Lopez.

"Y-Yes Mrs Lopez?" I asked.

"I will have a word of you." She said.

"What is it?" I wondered.

"Miss Loraigne, do you ever believed in supernatural things?" She demanded.

"Um, no." I replied. She sighed.

"You see, Avril. I know you know Jane Hollings. You see, ever since Jane turned twelve, she said she saw an old friend. You know, old old friend." She began.

"I-I know ma-madam." I stammered.

"And, well, being a paranormal expert, I ---" She trailed off.

"You what, Mrs Lopez?" I asked.

"Never mind. Go have your lunch." She ordered. I nodded and left, seeing a ghastly figure at the hall.

Chapter Four: Year-2004 (Flashback) Age-6Edit

Ashleigh's P.O.V. (Before the accident)Edit

I was at the back seat of the car when my mother called me from my phone.

"Yes Mom?" I asked. But I heard a grunting sound, that was definitely not my mom.

"M-Mom?" I tried again.

"Your time has come, Ashleigh." The voice rasped. My eyebrows knitted.

"Who are you? What do you want?" I demanded.

"You're destined to get me a new soul. I must rise again, to avenge myself. Get me that soul!" She barked.

Frightened, I closed my phone and shoved it in my pocket. Big mistake.

A car hit the vehicle and all went dark for me. . . .

Chapter Five: Year-2011 (Present) Age-13Edit

Avril's P.O.V.Edit

I went to the restroom, hearing giggles and gossip. Until I went inside the stall.

"That girl looks like the picture on Jane's locket." A girl whispered.

"But, Jane never spoke about her." The other said.

"She has to be the girl! Maybe she can get Michael out of that dark basement!" The other one sneered.

I went outside the stall. "What are you talking about?" I demanded.

They went silent. All but one. "M-Michael Ro-Robbs is-isn't d-dead. H-He w-was l-lost in-in th-the l-last da-day of sc-school. A-A p-person ac-accused tha-that he-he was a-at th-the d-dark b-basement." She stammered.

The original one rolled her eyes. "Michael Robbs was claimed lost on the last day of school from last year of school. But a classmate said that he heard Michael himself at the basement."

My heart jumped. Michael! We haven't heard from Michael ever since I was 12, his parents said he'd be studying away for a year.

"What about the basement?" I demanded.

"Woah, chillax, girl. We don't know you and you want us to give you information?" She joked. I held her collar.

"Tell me!" I barked.

"Okay, okay. There's this basement at school that particularly was said is haunted. They said a girl named Ashleigh Lingeraine stays there, trying to suck out the life from him."

I trembled. I looked at the window, I saw nothing but kids running all sides. I got out of the bathroom.

I bumped onto a girl in white shoes, pink pants with white splotches, and, a pink shirt.

"Oh, I'm so---" I tried to apologize but screamed. I saw a bloody face, full of dirt, mounds of shredded metal pieces, and a face I have not seen for years. Ashleigh Lingeraine.

"Leave him alone." Her voice whispered. I gagged, her breath smelled like, car gas and blood. I shut my eyes and felt a quick whoosh! of air. I lost balance.

Ryan caught me, nearly falling onto the floor. "What happened?" asked Ryan.

"Ash-Ashleigh wa-was he-here." I stammered. His face looked grim.

"Do you know the story?" He asked grimacely. I shook my head. He sighed.

Chapter Six: Year-2011 (Present) Age-13Edit

Ryan's P.O.V.Edit

"This place wasn't just a school. It was once a cemetery. There was a basement in a masouleum of Ashleigh Lingeraine. No one knew why it was there, since she was quite far from her hometown. The place was bought by the mayor and tore up the masouleum and left each and every single body there, on top of the school. But the school needed a basement, so they opened up a door and connected it to the basement, where the body was left. The body got misplaced somehow. But the spirit didn't." I began. She twitched.

"They say, if a person Ashleigh met before ever came here, if she can't kidnap them, she'd kill them." I finished.

Avril's P.O.V.Edit