This is a story response to One Day, however, it's all about a Russian descendant who lives in a haunted hotel.
The Ghost In the Hotel

Chapter OneEdit

Nikolai's P.O.V.Edit

It was a morning crispy day in my new hotel bedroom. I woke up and yawned happily. We moved to D118 in a hotel in New York. I looked at my window, how beautiful was how the sun rising!

"Nikolai!" I heard my mother call from outside my bedroom.

"Coming!" I replied.

I immediately jumped out of my bed and came bursting out of my room. I was so excited! I ate breakfast as fast as I could, took a shower, placed on clean clothes, and hurried out the door, "See ya Mom!"

And then I bumped onto someone and changed my life . . . forever.

Chapter TwoEdit

Nikolai's P.O.V.Edit

"Ow!" I groaned as I fell to the ground.

"So sorry!" I heard the voice of the person say. The person offered a hand to help me up, and I did accept the offer.

"So, so so--" I trailed off as I looked at the person.

Oh my god! He was so cute! He had a normal frame. He was a ginger, if I might add. And he had piercing blue eyes.

"Sorry," I apologized, gazing at his eyes, "I'm just new here."

He looked at my suite's door. "You live in D118?"

I nodded. He urged me to where he lived, in D117, just across us.

"Come, I want to show you something." He ushered.

"Why? I don't even know you yet." I protested. He sighed.

"I'm Nathaniel. Nathaniel Harthford." He introduced to me and let out a hand.

"Nikolai. Nikolai Ch-Chernova." I said as he led me to his hotel suite.

Nathaniel's P.O.V.Edit

I knew I was blushing really hard. She was really pretty. Her ice-blue eyes were beautiful, and her raven black hair was gorgeous. But she wore glasses, which she fumbled with every once in a while, but it made her look cuter.

I led her inside, and my twin sister, Grace came out bursting out with squealing excitement.

"Nathan!" She shrieked, "Mom's coming home!"

Then she noticed Nikolai and grinned. "Who's this? Your girlfriend?"

"No!" Nikolai and I both defended. "We just met!"

Chapter ThreeEdit

Grace's P.O.V.Edit

I smiled uncontrollably, I can tell Nathaniel was in love with her, whoever the girl was.

"So, who's she?" I asked. Nathan blushed.

"Well, she's Nikolai." He introduced me to her, "Nikolai, this is my sister, Grace."

"Um, no offense,