Chapter 1Edit

Angela's P.O.V.Edit

We were moving to this new apartment. You know why? Because my father just died last week. We lived in a big house. But since we ran out of money and my mother is just a house wife. We decided to sell the house and live in a smaller house. I ran inside the apartment, I was so exited. My mom opened our unit it was F9. It was the only one open. When I went inside everything looks great! I wonder why people did not pick this one.

All our furniture was already placed inside here. I sat down in the couch pleased. Yes, I know, I act to young for my age. I am 13 and I act like what 9 years old. I am a red head, I have green eyes, thin and tall. It was really different from the others because mostly people don't have green eyes. "Have fun and meet new friends okay? Because I will go to work now" my mom instructed. "Yes mom" I said. I climed the stairs of our apartment.

That is the awesome part this is the ONLY unit with a second floor. I lay down my bed, I pulled out my cellphone out of my pocket and text my friends. Until someone knocked on the door. I went downstairs. I got slightly irratated because I got interrupted from my texting. I opened the door, she was carrying a batch of cookies. "I don't want cookies" I said then slammed the door. She knocked again, I opened the door. "What now?" I said my voice really annoyed.

"Hi my name is Jessica Anne Tolerance Verluere, and I am your neighbor" she smiled. "Oh, I see. Sorry for slamming the door" I apologized. "It's okay that happens to me alot" Jessica said. She was really pretty, she had long blonde hair, sky blue eyes thin and tall. "Wait, do you actually live here" she said suspicously. "Yeah, why?" I asked. "You don't know?" Jessica asked.

"I don't know anything, I am just new here" I explained. "Ummmm..Okay, I will tell you the, uh, story, just we have to get out of here" she said, her voice sounded like she was going to panic. "Oh, Okay" I said. I grabbed the keys to the unit and came out with her. She was unit H1. We went inside, the place was so messy and really stuffed with things. I saw a boy playing video games. He looked just like Jessica, he was really handsome.

"Um, HELLO?! ANYONE THERE!" Jessica shouted, as she was waving her hand in front of my face. I did not realize I was staring at him the whole time. "Uh, I am okay" I said, "Just empty minded." She brought me to her room, it was also a mess. And her whole room was covered with pictures of Justin Bieber. That singer, I thought he was cute too. But not anymore. "Why is there so much picture of Justin Bieber?" I asked.

"Well, he is my IDOL, soon I will be his wife" she smiled. I smiled back. "So what's the story" I asked. "Oh yeah that one" Jessica said. "Unit F9 is haunted alright" she whispered. "Haunted how?" I asked. "Well one night a man died in there and so lot's of people uses that unit but always after one week someone dies in there" she shivered. I shivered too."Thanks for the warning. I will just text my mom I'm here". After I texted her we went out of Jessica's room.

I accidedentally bumped into Jessica's brother. I fell on top of him. When we both fell down, we did not pull up, we both just stared at each other's eyes. "Are you going to stand there or what?" Jessica interrupted. I was happy she interrupted because if she didn't I might have a crush on him but right now, I am blushing all over. "What's your name?" I smiled, as I brought my hand out for him to shake it. "My name is Andy and I am 13 how 'bout you?" he asked as he shaked my hand. "I am Angela and I am 13 also" I said, blushing. "Ayiiieeeeeee!!" Jessica laughed.

Chapter 2Edit

Jessica's P.O.VEdit

It was so cheesy. Angela got a crush on my twin brother. " Is he cute? But of course he's cute! He is my twin we both look alike." I said to Angela. "Yes, yes he is cute." she answered. " So you got a crush on him?" I asked once again. " Slight." she replied. Woah.

Angela's mom texted her that she will soon come home. So Angela and I prepared dinner for the three of us. We prepared dinner on her apartment. Suddenly , a plate crackled. " Why did you push it away from the table?" Angela asked. " No, I didn't." I reacted. " What? This must be really haunted." she whispered but I heard it. She shivered a little. Knock! Knock! Someone knocked on the door. "Who's there?" I shouted. No one answered. "Hello? Who's there?" I asked once again. " It's me!" Andy shouted as he went inside the apartment.

" You scared us!" I shouted. I looked at Angela again and saw her blush. " Ayiiiiiiiiiiieeeee!!" I was cheesy. " Shut Up!" Angela demanded. Andy kinda blushed too. " What are you doing?" Andy asked. " Blind much?" I replied. "Were are making dinner for mom before she comes home." Angela said. " Ohhh" Andy said. I saw Angela blushed again.

"Mom's home!" Angela's mom shouted. Angela hugged her mother . " Good evening Mrs. Mae ! " I greeted with a smile as I shaked hands with her. " Good Evening!" Andy also greeted. " I smell something!" Mrs. Mae said. "Mom! We prepared dinner for us!" Angela said. We all ate dinner in Angela's apartment. Andy was seated next to Angela . Angela blushed again.

I remembered to tell Angela's mom about the haunted thingy. " Angela, tell the haunted things to your mother, okay?" I whispered to her. " Good bye Mrs. Mae . We will head home . It has been wonderful staying at your house for dinner .See you tomorrow at school Angela!" We left with a smile.

The next day I texted Angela to ask if she had told her mom about it already. I stared at my phone a few minutes. She didn't replied. I took a quick shower and ate breakfast . I headed to F9 to see Angela. I knocked and knocked but no one opened. I was angry so I kicked the door. The door was finally open. Angela was still sleeping. " Angela !! Angela!! " I rushed to her room. " Wake up sleepy head!" I shouted in her ear. "You are going to be late for school" I shouted.

Chapter 3Edit

Angela's P.O.V.Edit

"School? Oh yeah I do have school" I sighed. I stood up, prepared my clothes and school back and went to the showers. After I went out I saw Andy and Jessica sitting on my bed. "Um, hello? Privacy!" I shouted. "Oh yeah" Andy blushed. They went downstairs, I changed clothes and quicly went downstairs. "Go eat breakfast!" Jessica instructed. "No need, I will do it in school" I said, rushing out of the room.

Andy and Jessica followed. We walked to school fast. It was really near the apartment. We arrived there just in time before the school bell rang. It was the first day and I was classmates with Jessica and Andy! Andy sat beside me at the right. While Jessica at the left. I blushed everytime I see Andy's face. I wanted to stop so I look away. It was flag ceremony and we had to stay inside the classroom because it was hot.

I started to have a headache, or even puke. I felt dizzy so I fainted. Andy catched me. The teacher rushed to me and told Andy to bring me to the clinic. How did I know this? Because even if I fainted I can here talking. I completely blacked out. I woke up and I saw Andy and Jessica right beside me. "Why are you guys here? I thought you're in class" I asked. "Well, you were asleep until dismissal" Jessica sighed.

"We were here for 15 minutes waiting for you to wake up" Andy continued. "Why did I faint?" I asked as I pulled up. "Well because you did not eat breakfast" Andy replied. I never fainted before. But all of a sudden I blushed all over because I realized, Andy carried me to the clinic. "Do you want me to carry you again?" Andy blushed. "Ayiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" Jessica teased. "Enough! Let's just go" I said. As I went down the bed I tripped on the bed covers.

I almost tripped but again Andy catched me. "Thanks Andy" I blushed as I stood up properly. "No problem" he said. We left the school. We walked to the apartment. The whole time me and Andy were so quiet. While Jessica keeps on talking and talking. That was so awkward! Am I really falling for Andy? Does Andy like me back? We went back to the apartment. We reached unit H1.

I sat at the couch, tired. I may just slept but I still got tired. I soon noticed that Andy was looking at me the whole time. I looked at him, but he looks away. I sat beside him, he covered something that he was writing or drawing with another paper. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Uh, nothing" he said. "Then what's this?" I asked, removing the paper. It was drawing and it looked like me! "You were drawing me?" I asked surprised.

Chapter 4Edit

Jessica's P.O.VEdit

I saw the look on Angela's face when she knew she was the one Andy was drawing. She blushed. " Do you have a crush on Andy? You have been blushing for two days over and over again! Ayyiiiieee! This might be real love!" I teased. " Well, how about you? Do you have a crush on anybody?" she asked but I didn't answer until I blushed. " Who? Who?" she asked with irritating voice. " Okay! Okay! I have a crush on somebody. Happy?" I was forced to tell her my always kept secret.

" That must be private! But I'm your fiend anyway. So? Who is it?" she asked again with puppy dog eyes looking at me. " Okay he's coming home tomorrow. He's our neighbor. He will be staying here for the rest of his life and will be studying at our school. " I told her. " Ayiieee! Is he cute? And tomorrow? this is gonna be great!" she said. " Of course he is!" I replied and was annoyed.

We arrived home at 7 p.m. . Angela and I studied at my room. " Well... You just might wanna be careful in love. Your dream guy might be inlove with another girl!" I said. "What , Who , and why?" she asked in confusion. " The guy I was talking about has a sister which Andy years ago had a crush on. Be careful.." I honestly said.

Angela was speechless. " Well anyway have you told your mom about your apartment?" I was worried because time is running fast 2 days had gone they only had 5 more days to avoid mysterious murders in their apartment. " Later! I will never forget! PROMISE! " she promised raising her right hand.

"Hi! Guys! Wanna play video games? " Andy suprised us. " Not now--" I coudn't finish my sentence because Angela nogged me with her elbow . " Of course. We're done." she lied. We weren't even done in our 2 more homeworks. As always , she blushed . They both played video games but I continued doing my homeworks.

Someone opened the door and we found out it was Mrs. Mae . " Angela ! It's almost 8 ! Let's go home! " Mrs. Mae dragged her. I waved and smiled at Angela before she left. I knew she was embarrased in front of Andy. I felt pity for her. I just continued doing my homeworks and slept after ,dreaming what will happen tomorrow when my dream guy will greet and hug me.

Chapter 5Edit

Andy's P.O.V.Edit

"Wake up, Andy!" my sister shouted as she shake me. "There is no school! What are you talking about?" I yawned. "We need to pick up Angela" Jessica said with a cheery voice. "Come on let's go!" my sister shouted as she pulled me out of the bed. I fell down. "Ouch" I muttered. "Good your awake now go dress up! You smell horrible" my sister teased.

I stood up and fixed myself. Immediately I went out of my room. I am exited to see Angela. Yeah, a little goo-goo eyes thing. But I like her. Not as a friend even more a big crush. It is easy to know she likes me back. So I knew we were compatible together. "Let's go!" I smiled as I rushed out the room. I ran to F9 and knocked at their door. I was so exited to see her beautiful, red hair and amazing green eyes.

"Why so in a hurry?" Jessica asked as she tried to catch up with me. "Oh nothing" I lied. "You like her" Jessica teased. "Angela?" I asked. "Yes, YOU LIKE HER YOU LIKE HER!" Jessica teased again. "Okay, I do! But don't tell Angela!" I said. "Tell me what?" Angela asked. I did not notice she already opened the door. "Nothing! Nothing" I blushed.

If she heard it. Hmm, what will happen? Will we be boyfriend and girlfriend or it is just going to ruin our friendship? I just kept my mouth shut. "Just in time, I just finished taking a bath" she smiled. I love her smile. It helps me forget all my problems. Wow, I was really in love! "Let's go! I want to meet Jennifer and Justin" Jessica said. We followed her to the lobby of the whole apartment.

"I will stay out the door, while you two lovebirds stay here" Jessica teased. As if she ain't in love! That is what I hated most about Jessica. Angela went to the counter. I followed her, I pat her shoulder. I was really near her. So when she turned around. I just experienced the best thing that happened to my whole life! Yes, I kissed her. We kissed for 3 seconds. "Uh, what just happened?" Angela blushed.

"Let us just promise each other not to tell anyone" I blushed. "I have a crush on you!" Angela blurted out. It was a good timing because my hand trapped her. I was almost hugging her. I did not answer back. Because I don't want to say my secret. "Well, I don't! I only think of you as a neighbor!" I shouted. I never been this harsh my whole life! "Fine, from now on, I treat you just like a neighbor not a friend" Angela said, biting her lip.

Her eyes started to water. I felt guilty. "I will go now to Jessica" Angela said. She rushed to Jessica. From a far I saw Justin, Jenifer and a new guy. I walked slowly to them. "Hey Justin!" Jessica said, trying to look cute. "Good morning! My name is Jasper, Justin's cousin" he introduced. He got Angela hand and kissed it. Angela blushed. I felt a little jealousy, but I did not mind it.

Chapter 6Edit

Jessica's P.O.V Edit

I was hoping Justin will hug me but he didn't. He wasn't JB they just have the same name. I stared at Justin. He was arrogant he just harrassed the world around him. His personality changed. He is not the guy I met ages ago who is sweet, caring, friendly and respectful. I saw Andy staring at Jennifer , he's childhood best friend and crush. That can lead to being a lover! Just like Justin and I . The problem was he doesn't have crush on me.

I was in bad mood because Justin didn't even greet me or just smiled a little. I was heart-broken a little." Let's go Angela, let's lead them to the apartment." I whispered to Angela. Their apartment was H2. And Their parents were still in Chicago to handle job that's why they're not with them. I stared at Angela and her eyes were watery.

I went to Andy and asked what had happen. " I busted her! I really don't like her at all!" he shouted staring at Jennifer . Jennifer had blonde hair , gray eyes and tall . She wasn't fat. No wonder Andy likes her. We look alike! Angela started to cry when we reach Justin and Jessica's apartment.

She ran but I followed her. " I'm sorry about what happened earlier. " I said. She was speechless. Angela's eyes were wide open when she saw Andy kissing Jennifer. Angela ran to my room. She put her face on a pillow and continued crying. I felt pity for her , a lot of pity . I could almost cry too. I prepared a tasty lunch for all of us.

" Lunch! Lunch! " I shouted so that Justin, Jennifer, Andy and Angela would hear. In the table Justin was beside me , at the right side while Angela was at the left. Andy and Jennifer were at the other end of the table. " Hey , Jessica! Have you heard about my ex-boyfriend?" she made Andy jealous and that was a lie. Andy laughed because he knew she never had a boyfriend. " This is too much!" I whispered to myself . I hate Andy and Jennifer.

" Andy! I'm gonna tell mom if you don't stop. That's inappropriate inside this house! " I complained."You can't control me!" he complained back. " I have the rights to control this house while mom and dad are away!" we started to argue. But Andy was speechless . He always know the rules. " You want me to leave?" Jennifer reacted. " If you want to. You are free to do that now." Angela whispered as she rolled her eyes." I heard that!" Jennifer shouted. " YOU'RE ON!" Angela stood up. Angela and Jennifer started to fight and pull each others hair. They kept shouting at each other. I pull Angela while Andy and Justin pulls Jennifer. "Andy! You clean the dishes after you eat! We will just eat outside." I comanded.

Angela and I ate outside. We ate at a fastfood. After eating we felt so greasy. " Angela! Are you okay?" I asked. "Of course I'm not." she replied. " Well... they were best friend since childhood. Even though they have lost connection." I explained. " Let's visit the fair!" I had a plan to cheer her up. I wanted to cry to because of what Justin had treated me. It's like he doesn't know me any more. Am I still his friend? Is he in love with another girl? I had this natural charm that charms boys to like me. Just like Tyler , Ben and Gordan at school. They all asked me if they I like them. I like Tyler only.

Well, we went to the fair and rode the blaster, dragon rollercoaster , speeding wheel , horror train and many much more! We enjoyed. I finally saw her happy again but I know we have this deep depression in us. I feel the way she feels. I saw Andy there. Then, suddenly Jennifer was there too . Justin too! But Justin was with Molly, our classmate and also Andy's close friend. "What??!! " I shouted at the top of my lungs dropping my popcorn from my hands. Angela saw them. We didn't mind. Until my mom texted me to come home already.

Chapter 7Edit

Angela's P.O.V.Edit

I followed Jessica to the car. The rest followed. When we went to the lobby, we saw Jasper! I walked slowly, while the rest rushed. "Why so sad Angela" Jasper asked, he kissed my hand. I blushed. "Nothing, but thanks for the comfort" I smiled. I saw Andy looking at me and Jasper. Wait, why did I even care if he was looking at me?! I hate him!

"Don't feel so sad anymore" Jasper said as he fixed my hair. "Thanks!" I smiled. He was really cute. But I was not in the mood to fall in love after what happened. Why should I? I am like the most broken hearted person I know! We used the elevator to go up. We went to H1. As I went inside, everything looked the same. Andy playing video games. While Jessica at her room. "Thanks Jasper!" I smiled.

I heard the video game theme song stop. I looked at Andy he was looking at Jasper BAD. "Well, time for you to go, dude" Andy glared at Jasper. "Why so rude?! Now please continue your video games!" I shouted. He followed. And I felt ashamed. "It's okay. I will go" Jasper said. "No! Don't! Come with me" I smiled. I grabbed his hand. I knocked on Jessica's door. She let me in. Only me not Jasper.

I peeked outside my door. "Can you stay here for awhile?" I asked sweetly. "Yeah sure! Anything for you" he smiled. He had a really cute smile. I looked at Andy, he rolled his eyes. He mocked me in silence. I rolled my eyes at him and went inside Jessica's room. I saw her face covered with a pillow. Just like me a while ago. I sat beside her and pat her back.

"I can't stand it! Something bad happened to me with..Justin" Jessica cried. "Just tell me what happened" I said calmly. "I talked to him at the elevator. I said 'Can I talk to you'. He said 'Why would I talk to you?!' After that I did not talk and Andy, Jenifer, Justin and Justin's friends laughed at me! I was so embarrassed." Jessica said sadly. I felt sad for her. Very sad. I experienced being busted today! But I feel someone is patching back my heart.

And I only have one answer for that Jasper. I heard shouting and punching outside the room. I went out of the room. And I saw Andy and Jasper fighting. "Get out of there! Andy and Jasper are fighting!" I shouted to Jessica. "What?!" she shouted. She stood up immediately too and watch. "We have to do something" I cried. "Watch them" Jessica smiled.

"If you don't want then, I will!" I shouted. I walked to Andy and Jasper. "Stop this now" I shouted. But everything blacked out for me. Because Andy hit me hard at the face. I fainted and fell at the floor. I tried to open my eyes. But I was so in pain. I saw them come close to me but it was a blur. "We will help you, just wait" Jessica said. Her voice was echoing in my head. As I slowly shut my eyes.

Chapter 8Edit

Andy's P.O.V.Edit

I got worried and guilty. I punched a girl! And she is the girl of my dreams! I felt bad so I offered to carry her to the clinic near the apartment. The doctor brought her immediately to her room. We waited outside. Soon the doctor came out. I stood up. "Is she going to be okay?!" I asked.

"Yes, she has a black eye" the doctor smiled. I got worried again! She was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, But she has a black eye now. I don't know how to forgive myself. Everybody rushed inside. I saw Angela, and her eye was black and swollen. "Are you okay my love?" Jasper asked in a sweet voice. I was really jealous. Why did I say that before?!

That should be me saying that! "So you can feel better, I will sing a song!" Jasper smiled. "Oh really, what is it?" Angela asked. "Okay, are you ready?" he had a big smile on his face. Bigger than usual. I had a feeling it was Justin Bieber. He was right beside me a while ago. And I heard him sing Justin Biebers songs. "Angela, when I was 13 I had my first love" he sang as he pointed to Angela. He changed the song a bit. Luda to Angela.

I may hate him, but it was not a bad idea. Why didn't I think of that?! I am so stupid. He finished the song, shuffling. I rolled my eyes at him. He was annoying. And boastful. He showed to much what he got. He was a good singer and good at dancing. He was MEAN to me. "Okay enough! I can do better shuffle that you!" I shouted at Jasper. "You're on" he had a smooth voice to act cool in front of Angela.

"Okay then, everyday I'm shuffling" Angela said. We started shuffling. Whoever stops will loose. It took long but not long enough. I lost the challenge. Angela was so happy and gave Jasper a kiss on the cheek. I got so jealous. My cheeks turned bright red because of anger and jealousy. That should be me holding your hand! That should be me making you laugh! That should be me, this is so sad. Wait why am I thinking like this.

Yeah, why full of Justin Bieber? Okay weird, but anyway, I hated Jasper so much. I want to strangle him till his last breath! But I can't I might go to jail. "I love you" Jasper smiled, as he held Angela's hand. I was never this jealous before. He was able to do what I can't! I was so pissed. Angela smiled sweetly. "I..." "What? WIll you be my girlfriend" he smiled. I even got more jealous. "I will think about it" Angela replied. I sighed in relief. That she did not answer him immediately!

Chapter 9Edit

Jessica's P.O.VEdit

I looked at Angela. She's living the best a girl can ever have. Her lover really is there for her. How about mine? Where is he? Is he always there looking out for me? That would never happen to me. " How are you?" I asked to Angela. " Feeling the best!" she replied. See? I was really jealous. How can Justin never be there for me? I hate him! I reminded her about the apartment. She never cared.

The next day we all went to school. Angela covered her black eye with shades so no one would notice. I stood far from her because Jasper was always there. Justin was with Molly and Andy was with Jennifer. I saw Molly coming towards us.

" There's gonna be a senior's ball tomorrow. I hope all of you would come. We were invited even though we weren't seniors yet. Come with your most fabulous dress. And oh don't forget to bring with you your date." she handed out an invitation.

" Who's your date?" I asked knowing it would be Justin.

" Didn't you know? The whole school should know it! Justin is my boyfriend of course he's going to be my date!" she boasted.

I was heart-broken. But I still shopped for my dress. I shopped there and there and there. Until I found the most fabulous dress. It was purple with a mix of black. It had sparkle. It was in tube and was a long gown. I bought for Angela too. Her's was simple but very attractive. She had a pink long gown. After shopping I went to F9 to give her the dress.

Chapter 10Edit

Angela's P.O.V.Edit

Well, it is the happiest day of my whole life. SENIOR PROM! I love it Jasper is going to be with me. But I thought I was over Andy, but I'm not! I still am really jealous of Jennifer. And still did not answer Jasper's question for me to be his girlfirend. I heard a knock on the door I opened it I saw Jessica, holding a dress. "Here you go!" she smiled, as she handed me the dress. "Thanks!" I said. She is really a good friend.

"Hmmm, what will I do to myself? Justin does not love me back" Jessica sighed. "Really?! Well I'm over Andy" I lied. I don't know how can I get over him. Until now I still love him. When I see him smile or laugh, I treasure it. Like think about it all the time. "Wait, what if we get a makeover! And show them what they're missing" Jessica's voice perked up. "Yeah, sure!" I smiled, I grabbed my bag and headed outside of the apartment.

We went out the apartment and went to a beauty salon. We did lots of stuff. I straighten my hair, used hot pink nail polish, had a nice haircut and put on nice fresh makeup. I look great! Also Jessica, she curled her hair, used purple nail polish and put on blush and lip stick. We were both pretty, like I did not know who I am. I knew after this day, Andy will beg for me. Just imaginating it makes me laugh. We left the beauty salon, I checked the time it was almost time to go to the prom.

We went to F9, we dress up quickly and neatly. I grabbed a cute purse to match my outfit. Then we were ready to go. I looked at Jessica she looked sad. "What's the problem?" I asked. "Well, what if this doesn't work?" she pouted. "Trust me" I smiled. She smiled back and we both went to H1. We picked up Andy, Justin, Molly, Jenifer and Jasper. They were all in H1 waiting for both of us. As we entered, all of them looked at us. Justin's and Andy's mouth dropped.

I knew they were amazed, we were really pretty! Jasper, stood up and held my hand as we left the unit. Jessica just came with us. While the others came in partners. I felt sad for Jessica but I knew soon my plan will work. We reached prom, me and Jasper danced already. Jessica was left at our table pouting. I had fun, Jasper was a great dancer. Until something caught my eye. I saw Andy, he looked really pissed. And jealousy was written all over his face. But there is something else, I saw a tear!

I stopped dancing. "Ummm, is everything alright?" Jasper asked. "Yeah, yeah, let's have a break." I excused and went to Andy. Jasper sat down beside Molly and Justin. "Are you okay?" I asked Andy. "I'm sorry, I should have busted you" he started. "It's okay" I said with a shaky voice. I wanted to cry but I bit my lip. Because if I do all the makeup will smudge. "No, it's not! I really love you. And, I was guilty for saying that. I was jealous everytime I saw you with Jasper, and really sad, because I can't be with you" he pouted.

I felt really touched. "What about Jennifer" I said, I rolled my eyes. "I only treat her as a friend. Besides she already has a partner" he explained. "So you mean, you love me?" I said. "Yes, I do. Ever since I saw your face" he smiled, he held my hands. "I love you with all my heart" he smiled. I blushed. "I love you too, more than you can ever know" I smiled back. Soon we slowly kissed for 5 seconds. After that I blushed all over. We walked together holding hands, to the dance floor. Jasper came to us. "I thought we were girlfriend and boyfriend" he said.

"I did not answer you yet! Besides, I only treat you as a friend" I smiled. He stomped off. I was happy. Me and Andy danced close to each other. I noticed we were in the middle of the dance floor. I saw Jenifer and her partner pass by and winked at Andy. Soon she hit me closer to Andy. Soon we were so close that we kissed.


Jessica's P.O.V.Edit

I sat at the table by myself LONELY. I am such a loner. I looked at Angela, she was having the time of her life! Why can't that happen to me? I kept on looking at Justin. He did not look like he was having fun too. Because Molly was only hanging out with her friends. He looked at me then I looked away. It soon caught my eye that he was walking toward me! I tried to act cool. He sat beside me. "Ummm, hi!" he smiled. I looked at him. I felt myself blush.

My gosh, his smile was really cute! I panicked inside my head. What am I going to do? "Uhhh, hi!" I smiled. It was an awkward silence. Then we both blurted out, "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!?" We both gasped. "You first" he offered. "Okay then, why don't you care about me anymore! You never notice I am there. And you never text me back!" I pouted. "I do care about you!" he said. "What?! How? You don't notice me anymore" I said. "It's because, I.." he said biting his lip.

"WHAT?! YOU HATE ME?!" I started to cry but wipped the tears immediately. I don't want my make up to smudge. "NO, It's because I LOVE YOU!" he blurted out. I saw Molly look at us. She stopped talking with friends and slapped Justin. "If you don't love me then fine!" she stomped off with her friends. I was happy that me and Justin were all alone together. "I love you too, ever since the first day we met" I smiled. He looked happier.

He stood up and put his hand out. "Would you like to dance?" he had a big cute smile. "Sure" I replied. I held his hand and we went to the dance floor. We stayed near Andy and Angela. The DJ played a nice romantic music. All 2 pairs danced slowly. And soon Justin ang I kissed! And sparks fly. My first kiss. I love it. The best day ever.

The End.Edit

I am sure your wondering what happened to their apartment, right? Well good question. The ghost vanished and rested in peace.It was actually looking for true on whoever lives in there. The ghost years ago was betrayed with his boyfriend. The ghost committed suicide in that apartment. It was actually taking care on whoever lives there only if she/he was looking for true love.