Ever story

Yep, thats me

Introduction== In the town of Buderim, not much is secret. Maybe because of how everyone seems to know everything. Like how old lady Melinda knew how Joe was going to ask Jess to marry him on her birthday. And how everyone knew that Bill Milton was having an affair with Lola Sights...Her husband wasnt very happy about taht. Then there is arrivals. As Buderim is just a small town, not many people come. But some do, for new lifes or just for a new place. I've lived here for my whole life so I dont understand why newcomers would want to come to this strange place...This almost supernaturally strange place...My name is Ever Dark and I am in love with the devil.

Chapter 1 - New BoyEdit

It all started on a cold day. Clouds in the sky and people all staring at the school. Everyone somehow knew there was a newcomer. So we all just bunched round the school. Then he came.....He came in a long black limo and stepped out like he owned the place. He had black hair and blue eyes. He was tall and wearing leather and sunglasses. He was hot over all..........I hated him at first sight. I knew he was going to be trouble. The way he smirked and the way he ordered the limo driver to scat. The way he looked us all over. For a second, when he was looking at me, i swear his eyes flashed red. He walked over to us all like he owned the world.

"Hello.....My name is Luc, arent you going to show me around?" His question was so innocent that it was evil. His voice was soft but underneath I could sense a desire hidden from sight.

All the students were frozen so I stepped forward.

"Umm sure. I'm Ever by the way. Nice to meet you" It was stated more as a question than as a comment.

Chapter 2 - OMFGEdit

So i hsowed him around..That was the only thing exciting that day at school. When I went home, no-one was there. I went inside deciding to watch some tv when i heard a scream. Long and painful. Then blood was suddenly falling from the ceiling onto me. I screamed and then it all stopped. The room was exaclty as it was without blood and there was no scream. My mother came in the room asking what was wrong. I didnt reply. I just stared at her. Her eyes pure red and then she suddenly had fangs and blood was in the room again. I screamed and it all went Bang! then a voiced yelled We HAve You! Then i blacked out....