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Chapter One Edit

Cassie's P.O.V.Edit

Dear Diary,

My life is completely perfect. It wasn't my fault if I was born with all good looks, a blonde. I live with my extremely rich father. I have everything I want. I am rich, perfect, and beautiful. There is nothing I could ask for. xoxo

Cassie Blake

I grew up in a very rich city, Chicago. I'm blonde and I have cute blue eyes. I was the most popular girl in Hawthorne High. I'm sixteen. I live with my dad who never cares about me. My dad actually wants a son but he had no choice. We were both girls. I lost my mother and my younger sister since I was little. There is so much more to know about me. I can be spoiled when it comes to money.

I woke up with the voice of my father calling out my name. "Cassie, go get dressed and get ready for school!"

I quickly sat up and shook my head as I was feeling dizzy and seeing nothing but black. I took a quick shower and brushed my teeth and got all dressed up. I rushed down the long marble stairs so I can hear the good news. I knew it was a good news. Dad has never woke me up in the morning. My house maid will always do those kind of things.

"Dad, what's the good news?" I sat down near the counter table.

"Just let me have my coffee." Dad said as he took a sip of his hottened mocha coffee. In a heartbeat, his phone rang.

"Excuse me first." he apologized.

"Okay. Business matters, huh? You're always like that anyway. Your business should be always first anyway." I whispered wishing he had heard me. He hung up his phone and looked at me with those bright blue eyes.

"Excuse me? What did you say?"

"Oh nothing. I was just wondering what's the news." I fake smiled as I took an enormous bite of my pancake.

"I'm sorry, Cassie. I have to go." Dad stood up without even smiling. Why is his business always first?

I went to school and drove my new car that Dad gave to me on my 16th birthday just a week ago. My birthday party was extremely awesome. I had this extremely cute flimsy gown that had a slit on its side. It was white and kind of bluish. Everyone was amazed by my gown. They sure will because it was made by America's Next Top Model's fashion designer, Hugh something. I can't remember his name. He was Dad's close friend and until now, I don't know his last name.

I finally finished my delicious pancakes and grabbed my tribal aztec bag. I hurried down the garrage while flipping the car keys.

I arrived to Hawthorne High and got automatically depressed because it's another day of living in hell. I walked down the same old hallways when I saw Faye and Diana. They were my best friends since forever? My smiled immediately turned into a frown when I saw Walter, a nerd completely who's obsessed about me. One time, I even caught him stalking my profile in the library. I also caught him pasting pictures of me in his locker door!

"Hi there, gorgeous Princess." He waved and grinned.

"Good bye, Walker" I faked a smile.

"It's Walter."

"But Walker is a better name." I concluded. His smile was up to his ears and he looked like he was about to faint.

"The mighty Walter shall change his name to Walker because the Princess said so!" He ran down the halls, raising his hand like he was flying. Everybody laughed for it was impossible no to. He would not care anyway.

"Hey, Cassie! How are you?" Zachary waved. Zachary was my friendly neighbor. I believed there was something between us.

"I'm fine. How about you?" I replied. "How was the break?" I continued.

"Oh, I just have a good news." he chuckled.

"What's that?"

"Your sister is going home!" Zachary suprised me.

"Oh really? When did you know this? And how?" I faked a suprise smile. I realized that it was what Dad was trying to tell me. Can't believe this is happening!

"Uhm, just this morning. She's going home after school." He locked his locker and smirked. I don't want her home! She might ruin my life like the one in movies! Where the sisters reunite, the nicer one always steals the attention!

I went home with Zachary. There, I saw a big suprise. My sister was there. Why did she even have to come back?

"Cassie!" she shouted and hugged me. I placed my hands infront of my chest, rejecting the hug.

"Excuse me but do I know you? I'm sorry I don't hug strangers. Do I look like I have a shirt on with the text 'free hugs'? Stop touching me." I rolled my eyes.

"I'm not any stranger and especially I'm not blind." She laughed.

I threw my bag in the corner and left the living room and ran to the stairs pretending I'm in my room but I was peeking through the holes.

"What happened to her?" Claudia asked.

"She must be creeped out or something. It's something new to her. Don't worry she'll get used to it." Zachary smiled.

"Yeah, probably." She smiled. "Who are you by the way?" Claudia looked confused.

Zachary introduced himself. And it was all like love at first sight. I totally hate Claudia. Zachary told her everything about school, this place, and me. Claudia was a brunette and had dark eyes. She's no way cooler than me. She didn't even looked like me but our nose and shape of the eyes are completely the same!

The housemaids brought her new clothes and shoes up to her new furnished room. I didn't talk to anybody and decided to sleep.

I woke up at around 5:30 so I will be able to avoid Dad, Claudia, and well, also Zach. I drove alone to school. After a few minutes Claudia finally arrived and she's with Zach. Claudia smiled and ran towards me.

"I'm living with you now! Did you forget? How could you not wake me up!"

"Oh, are you? Really? I can't even remember how to pronounce your name. See ya!" I winked. Claudia frowned and Zach watched the whole thing. He looked angry when I looked into his bright grey eyes. I completely ignored him.

My first class was chemistry and unfortunately, Zach and Claudia was there.

"Alright, choose a partner of the opposite sex. You will do this experiment together." Our teacher, Mr. Colton grinned. I panicked because I could only ask Zach and we used to be chemistry partners all the time. He's not that good to be partners with since you'll do 1/3 of the work. He'll never help you with any of those but he sure is fun to work with. I went towards Zach preparing what I should say. Before I could even reach him, he went to Claudia and asked her. 

I was heartbroken inside, deeply ashamed. But atleast I managed to keep a smile on my face. I looked around the room and saw that everyone had a partner, except me. Luckily Walter was there and had the courage to ask me.

"Can you be my chemistry partner? I'm sorry I'm a loser but I sure won't let you do 1/3 of the work!" he smiled as I looked at Zach with a grin on my face. I knew he was hurt. I wanted him to feel hurt just like what he did to me. After class, he went up to me and said, "1/3 of the work? I'm sorry. Okay. But you didn't have to look at me like I didn't do anything! If you're angry that I partnered up with Claudia, I don't care at all because in the first place, she was so much better than you."

Chapter TwoEdit

Claudia's P.O.V.Edit

I got a feeling that Cassie does not like me at all. I ran out of the the gym and went to Zachary. He waved at me. I waved at him back. He was really a good friend to me ever since I went to California. Zachary walked me home today. Truthfully I had a slight crush on him. But who can't resist? He was the nicest person I met since I went here. Cassie was always avoiding me, my father is all about business. As we walked a long the sidewalk. I saw a lost cold and wet puppy.

"Oh poor little puppy!" I exclaimed. Zachary carried the puppy and put it at my arms. "I think he needs some proper care! Come go my house! I need extra help here!" I smiled. "Sure!" he said. As we caried the puppy inside the huge mansion. I glanced around if Cassie is home yet. I asked the maid just to make sure. "Well, she left with her friends" she said shyly. "Okay thanks!" I smiled. "Me and Zachary ran upstairs to my room and went to the bathroom. Let the faucet running at the bath tub. We put the little puppy inside.

"What should we call it?" Zachary asked as he got the soap and shampoo. "Jake? From my last name Blake?" I said. "That would be awesome!" he said. He finally came to the bathroom with the materials. I opened the shampoo and scrubbed his head. While Zach soap his body. We had no idea what we were doing so at least we are helping an animal. After the bath, The bathroom looked such a mess.

I had a feeling Cassie would scream and get angry at me. We went to my bed. Zachary layed a dry and fluffy towel. That is where I lay Jake down. As I set him down. He shaked his body. And soon he was so puffy. Only two problems with this dog: will dad allow me? And the bathroom. Soon Cassie entered the room. She went immediately to the bathroom. And guess what? She screamed alright. What made me, Zachary and even dad come running to the bathroom.

"What is going on here!?!" Dad said. "IT IS CLAUDIA'S FAULT SHE MADE THE BATHROOM DIRTY AND FULL OF DOG FUR!!" she shouted and pointed at me. "Why did you let in a dog inside the mansion?" he asks. "Well, i saw him at a street and.." I started explaining. "LIKE EWWW! STREET DOG!" Cassie started shouting. "That is enough, Cassie" my dad said. "And the puppy was shivering. So I thought to help it out. And Zachary helped me" I explained. "Aww that is so cute, fine, you can keep it. But you take care of it" dad smiled.

"You did not get angry at her!! Look what she did!!" Cassie shouted. "We have maids to clean that, you can take a bath later" dad said. As he said that Cassie glared at me. I just shrugged at her. And smiled at Zachary. I pet Jake. "I will take good care of you Jake" I muttered. "Now go to your rooms" my father said, then left. Me and Zachary started laughing together as we went inside my room.

Chapter ThreeEdit

Cassie's P.O.V.Edit

I can't believe that dad didn't get mad at Claudia. One time I bought a puppy and dad got angry because it always poops everywhere and I'm sure this dog will do the same thing. It's a stray dog. But that is not just why I am angry at Claudia. Zach spends more time with Claudia nowadays and I hated it. A California waitress girl can't ruin my life! And she doesn't want to mess with me! I slept at Faye's house and I did not ask dad for permission. He just won't care at all. I went to school without going to my house. I don't want to see the face of the loser! And with all these hate I came up with an evil plan. My plan is to tell in the whole student body that this girl is just a waitress back at California. Since I am the President of the Student Council. I'm not just a dumb blonde.

At lunch time I was sitting with Faye and Diana at the cafeteria when suddenly I saw Zachary coming to me. "Hi Cassie! Can I sit with you?" he asked with a very cute smile. "Nope. Just sit with your new best friend Claudia!" I spilled a ketchup on him and walked away. Everybody laughed and Claudia came to help him. I feel awful and I ran away. I wasn't looking in my way so I bump with this guy. "Ouch! Sorry I wasn't looking in my way!" I apologized because I really was the one who weren't looking. "It's okay. Let me help you." he reached out for his hand. "No it's okay. It's my fault anyway." I didn't accept his offer. "No, it's alright I feel awful." he offered again. I held his hand and stood up. We stared at each other for a while. He has the cutest brown eyes ever. "Cassie right?" he asked.

I couldn't believe he know me. Well I'm too popular for no one in the school to know me. But I knew he has a girlfriend. "Hey! Ashton, what's taking you so long?" I saw the girlfriend and it was some nice girl. "Ashton." I remembered his name. I wouldn't ruin their relationship. After lunch it was my time to speak with the whole student body. I stood up holding a mic. "Good afternoon to all of you. We have a new transferee on Hawthorne High." Claudia started smiling. "Please welcome a California girl waitress! Oh! She just picked a street dog yesterday! Claudia Blake!" I tried to embarass her and it worked. Everybody laughed at her.

Claudia started to cry and she ran away. Zach came to me and said "Are you trying to welcome Claudia or just trying to make her look bad? She is your sister, Cassie!". Everybody grabs a fruit and throws it on her. Some had eggs. I feel so guilty! But nevermind. It's her fault. I went home and dad looked at me with a strange look. "I know what you did." then he went away. I went to Claudia. " So you are learning how to say things to dad?" I pushed her. I quickly went upstairs.

Chapter Four Edit

Claudia's P.O.V.Edit

I don't know what is Cassie's problem. She just embarassed me in front of the whole student body! What kind of sister is that? I guess the only thing to stay out of trouble and getting embarassed is to stay away from Cassie. I walked upstairs tiredly. As I opened my room I saw Jake sleeping on top of my bed. I grinned. Jake was so adorable. At my table I saw a small diary with a lock. Beside it was a little key. I closed my door but not lock it.

I used the key and put it throught the tiny keyhole. As I opened it. There was very neat handwriting. All slanted. At the bottom of every page signed Cassie Blake. I started reading the latest one she wrote. It wrote:

Dear Diary,

Hey, I embarassed Claudia in front of the whole student body. Good job. :) Hehe. But my revenge is not yet complete. She is such a looser!! Dad loves her more than me! My plan is to copy her writing and write a message to Zach so Zach won't like her anymore. I think it is going to be hard because of her ugly writing. Still searching in her room but nothing! she brings all of her stuff to school. And her dog Jake soon I plan to poison it. Disgusting!!

The most smartest, and prettiest blonde ever,

Cassie Blake

I gasped. Soon my bedroom door opened. And there came out was Cassie. "How dare you, try to steal Zach and poison Jake!" I shouted at her as she entered. "You're reading my diary!! RUDE!!" she shouted like a brat. What is her problem. I just read her diary. "I don't believe you plan to do that!! I thought you were my sister" I shouted. I stood up and walked to Cassie. "It is all like that, now give me my diary back looser!" she shouted. "NO!" I screamed. I thought wrong of saying that.

Because soon she body slammed me. And started pulling my hair. "GIVE ME MY DIARY!" she shouted. I let go of the diary. But she did not stop. I tried to fight back by pulling her hair. "Ouch!! Stop!! Please!! Cassie!!!" I cried. She did not stop she was really wild. She slapped me. I tried pulling her blonde hair. But she hit me so hard I can't fight back. Soon one of the maids saw us. She ran calling dad. Soon dad came with a phone at his other hand.

"Cassie!! Let go of your sister!!" he ordered. Cassie still did not stop. Soon he grabbed Cassie. Cassie was still so wild. I got scared. I sat up and cry. The maid ran to me and patted my back. I was breathless of what Cassie can do. "Dad! Why did you let me go!!" Cassie shouted. "What is your problem?" dad shouted back. "You don'yt love me! You love Claudia better! That big looser!" she screamed. Dad slapped Cassie. "How dare you talk to me like that" dad said.

Cassie looked startled of what dad did. Soon she walked away. Dad went to me. And helped me up to my bed. "Dad, go now to Cassie, the maid can help me" I sobbed. "Okay" he said. And left my room. I looked myself in the mirror. I had scratches at my face from Cassie's long nails. My cheeks were red from her non-stop slapping. And my hair was such a mess because she kept pulling my hair. The maid got a comb and started combing my hair softly. "Thank you" I muttered. After finished combing my hair. I washed my face. Put on slepping clothes and went to bed.

The maid felt my forehead. "Oh dear, I think you have a fever." she said. "So I won't go to school?" I asked. "Yes" she said. "Good night" she soon said. And closed the light and left the room. I sighed to myself. "Cassie, why oh why."

Chapter FiveEdit

Cassie's P.O.VEdit

7 more days before Prom (Sunday)

I really can't believe Dad slapped me. That was the most horrible thing Dad did to me. I was on the right side. Claudia was stealing my Diary. She was wrong about that and I wouldn't do those things written on my Diary. Of course that was out of control. I started to pack my things to somewhere I really don't know. I called Faye and Diana but they really isn't answering. I remembered they were in charge in decorating the Prom. Actually I was the one in charge. I decorated the whole Prom. I have everything under control. Prom is going to be great! I would love to go there so much.

I heard foot steps coming to my room and I guessed it was Claudia. "Go away!" I shouted without even knowing who that was. And I was right it was Claudia. "Are you okay?" she bows her head. " Dad did the most horrible thing to me and you think I am okay? You are definitely not thinking." I rolled my eyes. " You were raised by mom and I was raised by Dad. You know what? You are the luckiest person ever. I was with Dad longer and he respects you more. He cares about you more, Claudia. You were in the wrong side earlier! How could you say I was wrong? You read my personal Diary! And you think you were right? I just know you would read my Diary. That's the whole plan. I will never do those things. And Jake? Poison him? I am an animal lover too. What kind of animal are you? YOU RUINED EVERYTHING SINCE YOU GOT HERE! Everything was all about me and now? It's just all about you now. You won. You won, Claudia. And I know you like Zachary. If you were really being a true sister to me, you wouldn't do that. You lied, Claudia. You lied." I decided to go to Mom's place.

I started to cry and Claudia did too. I strolled my luggages and when I was on the gate the house maids and the security guards tried to stop me. "I am your boss! You should follow me!" I shouted to all of them. Everybody realized and followed. I ran out and paused to see Dad looking out in the window. Dad was just staring doing nothing. Then, I continued walking away. I saw Claudia in the window too. She was crying.

I rode a bus. I went out of the bus not knowing where I am now. I tried to call Faye and Diana. They were still not answering. I called every person I know. And still no answer. I sat in my luggage. Waiting for another bus to ride me to California. I saw a street man and he looks really hungry. I have a bread left and I decided to give it to him. He thanked me and said " You are so pretty, lady. Thank you for this." he politely said. I was inspired.

6 more days before Prom (Tuesday)

Finally a clean bus came along and I went inside. The trip was very long. It took me one day to finally arrive. Then, finally I arrived. I saw mom checking the mail box. I think that was Mom. She has a blonde hair too. She saw me staring. "Cassie? Is that you?" she smiled. I ran and hugged her so tight. "Mom I missed you so much!" I whispered. "Oh sweetie I missed you more than you do!" she whispered back. "I heard the news." she said. "Well..." I said. "That's okay. I understand you." she smiled. Mom is the only person who understands me.

"So you will be staying here? Is it okay if you sleep in Claudia's room?" she asked. I nodded. We went to the kitchen. "Claudia always asks about you. She always say that you are pretty. She adores you more than Coldplay, Radiohead or The Beatles. She was your ultimate fan." mom said. That was so adorable. We went to Claudia's room and I was amazed. The walls were all full of pictures. Pictures of us. It was a really adorable moment. There were pictures of us when we were still a kid. And I just realized something.

Chapter SixEdit

Claudia's P.O.V.Edit

5 more days before Prom (Wednesday)

Maybe I was wrong about Cassie. Maybe just a misunderstanding. Maybe. I idolized her before, yes. But when I met her I did not know she was like this. I don't know what she was talking about dad loving me more. That is just weird. Dad loves me and Cassie evenly. I have to tell dad to bring Cassie back. I have to get Cassie before Prom. She have decorated Prom already and I'm sure she wants to come. Oh, poor Cassie. I felt guilty. It is my fault she left. But what if she was lying? I need help. But I am at home. I guess I just need to go to Zachary's house. I left my room. I went to Dad's room. I saw pictures of Cassie and dad everywhere.

I actually am jealous of her. She is miss popular. She was with dad longer. She is rich. She is beautiful and lives in a huge mansion. I wish I was just like her. I also wish that she can come back. I looked at the mirror. My eyes was swollen, because I cried alot. I went to dad. He was deep in thought. I knocked on his door. Soon he was back into reality. "Dad, please get Cassie back" I begged. "Your sister needs to have some fresh air." he said. "But dad-" I started. "Go to your room" he said. I bowed my head.

I have to go after Cassie. I love her. She is my sister. But how? I think I need to ask Zachary. But first I have to go to Hawthorne High to go to class. I looked at the clock. It was 3:00 PM. That means that it is dismissal time. I went home alone because I couldn't see Zach. He was no where to be found. I called up his number. Soon someone answered it. I think it was his mom. "Hello? Is Zachary home?" I asked. "Yes he is, want to talk to him?" she asks. "Yes ma'am." I said. "YO!" Zachary shouted at the phone. I was shocked. "Zachary, this is no laughing manner, Cassie left, and I need to get her back" I said. "Why? She is mean to you! Ain't you should be happy?" he asked. "Zachary, think straight. I love her. She is my sister. I need to go get her, because of our stupid misunderstanding, it is all my fault. She is your best friend, Zach. Please remember that." I said sadly. "Oh, wait, I will go to your house, I have an idea, just prepare, 60 dollars" he instructed. "Okay" I said.

At 3:30 PM. He finally came to my house. "HI!" I said. "You have the money?" he asks. "Yes" I said. We ran inside my room. Jake as always is sleeping soundly. "What is the plan now?" I asked. "You are going to run away" he said. "WHAT!?" I said. "Dad will kill me!" I shouted. "It is okay, I am coming with you, a ride to california is 30 dollars" he said. I nodded. I may be in trouble. But I have Zachary by my side. Cassie, I am coming soon. I packed my bags. I am finally gonna meet mom again! Zach prepared his bags too. I put the money in my pocket. I left a note at my table for one of the maids or dad to read it. It wrote:

Hey, dad.

I decided I need go meet my sister. I can't keep the guilt inside me that, it is MY FAULT she left. No worries, I am not alone I am with Zachary. I know you are wondering why am i doing this. I am doing this because Cassie is my sister and I love her.

- Claudia Blake.

We were almost out of the mansion when a security guard caught us. He reported it to Dad. We have to talk to dad. "Told you. It wasn't a good plan." I whispered to Zach. "I'm sorry." he whispered back. We went to Dad's room and he looked really angry. "Why are you planning to go to California? Claudia, that's too much miles away from here. Cassie is with your mom. She will be safe. And the note? That was funny!" He lectured. " And you Zachary, you influenced Claudia. Go home!" he shouted. "Go back to your room, Claudia!" he pointed out.

I have failed again. Dad had locked me on my room. I can't go out any longer. What about the Prom now?

Chapter SevenEdit

Cassie's P.O.V.Edit

4 more days before Prom (Thursday)

I never thought that Claudia was being a true sister to me all the time I was with her. She was my biggest fan. I should have been friendly when she first came to Chicago. I know she is missing me right now but I want to spend time with my Mom. It's been twelve years since I saw her. I miss mommy. I wanna go to Prom too.

I woke up with the loud sound of drums, trumpet, guitar or whatever those things are. I went down the staircase shouting "Mom! Mom! It's so loud! I can't even sleep well!". "Sweetie, it's a very special festival today. We have to celebrate with them. And it's almost lunch time. After lunch get ready to go to the festival and pack your things." she said. "Okay, mom!" I said. The food in the table have carbs. I stared at it for a very long time. We don't it carbs way back in the mansion. "Go on. Eat it." she offered. "I don't eat carbs." I said. "Well, you are in California, Cassie. You are no longer in Chicago." she pinched my cheeks.

I have nothing to do but eat it. A lady went inside the house. I don't know who. But she's very familiar. Mom quickly came to her and hugged her. "I'm so glad you can come with us for the festival." Mom said to her. "Oh my God! Is this Cassie?" she asked while hugging me. Mom nodded. "Do you know her, Cassie?" Mom asked. I shook my head. "You look so much like your sister." she said. "Well, Cassie, that is your Aunt Kelly. Aunt Kelly was very close to your sister." Mom introduced me to her.

"Aunt Kelly?" I whispered. Yes, she was very familiar. I remembered when we were four and Claudia almost drowned when we were swimming and she saved Claudia. She was a swimmer, a professional. I took a shower and packed the things I needed for the festival. We went to the festival and it looks like a circus. A weird one. We were in a fair. I think. There were different viands. Mom and Aunt Kelly enjoyed the festival together.

There were rides. So I just enjoyed the rides. I rode the rollercoaster, the blade, the spinning circle, and even went inside a haunted house alone. Today was a fairytale. But I want Claudia here with me. I'm totally missing her. But I am a thousand miles from home. I can't just go there so quickly.

When it's almost six in the evening people began chanting. I don't know what to do. I'm just sitting there watching them. When it's almost nine I think we should go home. " Mom, can we go home now?" I asked. "We can't. We will sleep here. We are still celebrating the festival right?" Mom answered. I didn't know we will sleep here! I will never get in time for Prom now. We slept on the fair for the festival.

Chapter EightEdit

Claudia's P.O.V.Edit

3 more days before Prom (Friday)

I am still locked on my bedroom when I woke up so I tried to call Zachary but I can't. There was no connection. I tried to shout to the housemaids to let me out but they can't. There was a lock. What kind of father is he? I can't do anything so I'm just sitting there not knowing what to do. I saw a window beside my bed and it was open. I finally have a way out. I put some pillows below to make sure I'm gonna have some safe landing. I jumped carefully and I ran to Zachary's house. "Zach! Zach! I'm out!" I shouted as I open the front door. I almost fainted. Dad was there chatting with Mrs. Larson. "GO home! Cassie will be here in a minute." I know he was lying. I went home.

I think I am going to be in great trouble because of my stupid stunt. I did not know I can actually can do it. I walked to my room tiredly. I miss Cassie. And why did dad lie that Cassie is coming home? I know this is the festival back at California. That was my favorite day every year. I am sure Cassie is with mom at the festival. And now I am at Chicago waiting for a miracle. Well I wish there was a miracle.

I want to get out of here. Or at least I could talk to Zachary. I am sure dad is telling his mom what happened last night. Why is dad doing this? I was deep in thought as I stared out the window inside my room. I heard a knock on the door. "Come in" I said. Soon dad came out. "Why did you do that?" he starts asking me. "I wanted to be free and out of this room. You're keeping me in here like a caged animal." I replied. "I am teaching you disipline" he said. "And why are you talking to Mrs. Larson? To get angry at Zachary? It is not his fault." I said.

"Yes it is. He should be stopping you not helping you" he said. "He did that because he is my bestfriend and bestfriends help each other. Don't you understand that?!" my voice started to raise. "There is no need to get angry Claudia" he said. "Why not? I am stuck in this room. I can't talk to Zachary! And I miss Cassie so much. What is not to get angry about? Or even sad?" I replied. "Claudia, would you just please grow up? You're starting to be like Cassie. You just jumped out of your bedroom window! Are you crazy!? Of course I would get worried" he said.

"Why don't you just leave me alone!!!!" I blurted out. I did not mean to say that. But I was just really angry. "Claudia! What has happened to you!?" Dad said. "I-I did not mean to say that" I said shakingly. Soon his cellphone rang. He answered it. "Hello?" he said at the phone then left the room leaving the door open. I guess I should say sorry to dad. This will just get worse. Prom is near. I need to have a happy ending like Cinderella, Beauty and the beast, etc.

As I heard father put down the phone. I ran out the door and hugged my dad. "I am sorry for talking to you like that. Jumping off the window and escaping" I cried. He hugged me back and kissed me on the cheek. "I love you. I miss Cassie also. I am very sorry too" he smiled. "What will we do now?" I asked. " I think we need to get your sister back now" he smiled. I felt so happy.

Chapter NineEdit

Cassie's P.O.V.Edit

2 more days before Prom (Saturday) 5:00 am

I woke up and the festival is still being celebrated. I have no idea how to get back to Chicago before Prom starts. I have to act now. Or else. I'm gonna miss the very special opportunity. I wanna be the Prom Queen too. I wanna reign as the Prom Queen. I got out of the tent.

"Mom! I'm going home! I am not gonna miss this chance to go to Prom with my sister." I started to be brave. "Why? When is your Prom?" Mom asked. "Tomorrow." I answered. "Well..." I started to get nervous. "Okay! You will always be my princess! But how will you get to Chicago?" Mom said. I hugged her. "I have no idea how to get there." I said. " I'll find a way." Mom said. Mom brought out her phone and she called every person she know but all of them just won't help us out. Mom called the rental cars but it was to expensive. We don't have money right now.

1 more day before Prom (Saturday) 2:00 pm

I didn't notice that we spent so much time on calling people. Mom went out to help out. I stayed on the house for safety because there were fireworks for the festival. Today was dangerous. If only I have Claudia's number. I can call her. I went to Claudia's room and searched everywhere. Until I saw a notebook. On the page cover were pictures of us. I opened the notebook and it wrote:

Dear Cassie,

I miss you so much! Oh, how I wish you were here. Mom is alright. I will get back to Chicago very soon. How are you? I've heard your name all over the news. You are so popular now. I bet you are living on a castle right now. Mom missed you so much. How's Zachary? Is he alright? Don't worry I'll be there very soon. If you are ever reading this right now, please know that I love you.

Signed, Claudia Blake

I started to cry. I cried alot. I turned it to the next page and this time it was for Zach. It wrote:

Dear Zach,

You've been on my mind all day. I wish you were here with me. Everything will be okay. I promise. We will soon meet again. I miss you. If you are ever reading this right now, I wouldn't be embarassed because I love you! Call me! '09178118420!

Signed, Claudia Blake

I started to laugh. Her note is funny but real. I wiped my tears. I realized that Claudia's number was in the note. I started to call the number but a large winding sound came. I think it was a helicopter sound. I looked out of the window and it was our helicopter. Claudia went out. Then, Dad came out. I was suprised. I ran out of the house and hugged Claudia. I hugged dad too. As I hugged him he whispered these words "You will always be my princess.". I hugged him tighter. Mom came along and hugged Dad too. My family is back. Mom and Dad kissed. I hugged Claudia again. "I never thought you would come for me." I said. "Awww... I will always be at your back. Right?" she said. I nodded. Mom and Dad are back again. I have a complete family again. I have a happy ending.

Chapter TenEdit

Claudia's P.O.V.Edit

1 more day before Prom (Saturday) 6:00 pm

We rode the helicopter to go home. It was really windy. We really have to go home before the fireworks show starts. Or we will be in danger. When we got home it's almost six in the evening. When we entered the gate, the house maids were all in a line. The housemaids cleaned the house. The house were never cleaner than this. We ate all together. There were so much different viands. While we were eating Dad's phone rang again. Cassie and I looked at Dad. Dad smiled and ignored the call.

Finally Dad ignored the call. It was the first time Cassie and I saw him ignore it. After dinner I went out with Cassie to go to the mall to buy our gowns for tomorrow's Prom. We are so excited and we have no idea who will be the Prom Queen. We went everywhere and we could not find the gown that will fit us the best.

Finally, Cassie saw a gown. It is pink, long and fluffy. It was really pretty. She tried it on and it was really gorgeous on her. I went around the shop and saw a gown. It is blue and not very long as Cassie's. It was perfect on me. We bought gloves and accessories to complete our gowns.

Cassie's P.O.V.Edit

The gowns we bought was really cute on us. We slept very early to prepare for tomorrow.

Prom day!

I woke up earlier than Claudia because I really was excited. I went to Claudia's room to wake her up. "Claudia! Claudia! Claudia! Today is the day! Hurry up! Get ready!" I shouted. We took a bubble bath. It took us almost an hour to finish our bubble bath. We ate breakfast very slow so we won't earn calories. We went to the spa and it took us hours to be done. We have dagger nails. We were really relaxed. We went home again and got dressed up because it is 5:30 and we have to go there by 6:00. It starts exactly at 6:00. We rode the limo and when we got there everybody was amazed. There were cameras waiting for us.

"This is amazing! Smile!" I whispered to Claudia. "I'm missing someone." she whispered back. "Who? Zachary? He is right there." I asked. Bringing Zachary to Prom for Claudia was my suprised to her. "You wouldn't get angry at me?" she asked. "Why would I?" I said. Claudia smiled and went inside. I went after her and the decorations turns out to be amazing. That was my hard work. The music was romantic and everybody has a partner exept me. I just sat down watching Claudia and Zachary dancing slowly together. They are such a cute couple.

When it was time to declare the Prom Queen and Prom King everybody stopped and listened. "Let us pause for awhile, Ladies and gentlemen. Let's announce our Prom Queen." the emcee shouted while she holds the tiara. "The Prom Queen is..........." she opened the envelope. "Cassie Blake!" she continued. Everybody clapped there hands and I was truly grateful. I went to the stage and the emcee is putting the tiara on my head. "Thank you for this very special opportunity. I would like to thank the staffs who helped me put up the decorations. But most of all I would like to thank my little sister, Claudia Blake." I told my speech and Claudia was smiling when she heard her name. "Thank you, Cassie Blake for the wonderful speech! Let's move on to know our Prom King! The Prom KIng is......" he opened an envelope. "Ashton Hale! The Prom Queen and King shall have a dance together at the middle." he shouted.

"Well.." Ashton said. I danced with him and I knew he broke up with his girlfriend already. Soon the other partner danced in the dance floor too. There were music playing. And we slowly danced.


It turns out that Claudia is going to be a Larson. And I turned out to be a Hale. Yes, Claudia married Zachary and I married Ashton on the same day. A double wedding. Claudia had three kids with Zachary and I had two with Ashton. Jake finally meets his mate. Ashton had a female puppy. Mom and Dad? They grew old together. Aunt Kelly finally got married. Nerthy finally had a partner, Kathy, a nerd one too. Claudia isn't just a waitress now. She is an owner now and I became a fashion designer and a model. Zachary and Ashton became succesful businessmen. Everything turns out to be magical.