Note from AuthorEdit

This is a huge WIP. This story was inspired by a lion i saw who was in a circus. The lions name was Sassy and unfortunatley she died last month from childbirth while ill.

Chapter 1 - Sassy's POVEdit

I wasn't always in the circus. I once lived in Africa, with the rest of my pride. My father, my mother, my mate even. We lived in harmony, hunting, sleeping and socializing. We loved our life but something we loved even more was our freeedom. We had heard about other pride members being taken by the white baboons, or as they a\call themselves - humans. Ever since I was a cub, I grew up knowing about them, and fearing them. But then, when I was nearly old enough to have my first cubs, I was taken. I remember that day well, how the big trucks came and the white walking apes had weird wood sticks which shot feathers which made us feel sleepy. So sleepy we fell asleep. When I awoke, I was alone. All I heard was a scream, a human scream......