Chapter 1: You again! Edit

We’re going to leave our country. Why? Because my mom had a business trip and we’re invited. Pretty cool, huh. By the way, I’m Samantha Taylor but they call me Sam. I’m tall, not-so thin, and I have grayish-blue eyes and blonde hair. We’re going to Paris, France. I’m very much exited because my best cousin, Bella, lives there. We’re both 15 and she promised me a shopping spree. After the plane ride, Bella’s mom, Aunt Barbara, and Bella came to fetch us. After short minutes of driving, there was a bump in the road. Aunt Barbara stopped the car. We looked under the car. There was no hump neither a person, but I’m sure there was a bump I felt. I shivered. We got to Bella’s house already. It was a huge mansion filled with magical rooms. Almost all the rooms has two beds. I never thought they would be this rich. “So, which room would you like to stay in Sam?” Bella asked “You’re room!” I said excitedly “Mom said we could stay up late” she said “to, you know, catch up with each other” We stayed up until 4 a.m. We played some music and talked and talked.

Chapter 2: Shopping the love and horrorEdit

“Crrriinngg, Crrriinngg!” the alarm clock shouted I looked at the time. It was only 7 a.m. I can’t believe we only slept for three hours! “Wake up! It’s shopping day!!!” I shouted at Bella “Uhhhhh…” she said. I pulled her off the bed. “I’m up! I’m up!” she said We went to the mall. Bella decided to go to the lavatory/bathroom. I waited for her in a shop called “MANGO”. A cute boy went up to me, talked to me-he said he was Steven Cruise-and asked my number. But when Bella came this happened…. While I was talking to Steven, Bella said “Sam, who are you talking with?” I said “Steven. His right-“my sentence trailed off because I saw nothing beside me. Steven disappeared.

Chapter 3:Sam’s Diary Edit

How much I love him Yesterday was so weird!

I fell in love with someone that disappeared when my cousin appeared. He was my dream boy though… he was cute, artsy, and smart. I love him more than a friend. There was that spark that flew when he came up to me and talked to me. “cuz’ I see sparks fly whenever your around…” The song kept playing. This was weird because I hate singing.Edit